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It's kind of hard to type this with funky vision, but I wanted to post a celebratory hurrah! The first cataract surgery is done!


Things look great (literally and figuratively), because I now see more clearly, more sharply with the left eye, even through the funky patch (which Shannon refers to as a "colander" because it's full of holes) than I do through my un-surgeried right eye with my glasses on! When we were watching tv for a bit tonight, I actually covered up my right eye and just lined up my head precisely so that I could watch through the holes in the patch on my left.

Tomorrow I go to see the doc for my post-op appointment, and the patch will come off, though I will still have to wear it when I sleep for 2 weeks! Also, I'm not supposed to sleep on that side for those 2 weeks, which is inconvenient, because I prefer to sleep on my left side.

But the worst is going to be next week, after the second surgery, because then I will have to wear patches over both eyes when I sleep, and I won't be allowed to sleep on either side. I've never been able to sleep much on my back, so it'll be a challenge.

Currently, things are kind of weird, because the patch is so big that I can't wear glasses over it, so I have Funky Patch Vision through my left eye, and No Glasses Vision through my right eye. I'd planned to get myself to the post-op appointment on my own tomorrow, but once I was home that became clearly unfeasible. Jay is going to drive me.

But for right now, I'm extremely excited. Even with the patch on, I'm seeing better through that eye than I have through glasses lenses in years. Tomorrow, when the patch comes off, I expect a world of wonder.
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