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Tiles Project (Future Thoughts)

I've been working on my tiles art project here and there this weekend—it's something I can do that distracts me from my headache but doesn't require very good concentration—and I've come to the conclusion that if I do something like this again, I'm going to use velcro so that users can attach the tiles to the backing in whatever formation they like. That will mean that the tiles can't be double-sided, which will requite a lot more tiles, but it will be much more pragmatic. As it is, I will probably use Blue-Tack to give a bit of help with keeping the tiles in place. This wouldn't be optimal if other people were going to be playing with the project, but I don't really see the resulting finished piece making the rounds of famous art galleries, so it'll probably be fine. :)

This weekend I've been working on this second set of tiles I bought from the seller on Etsy, so I'm working on filling in the gaps left by how I decorated the first set. I think the whole will work better together now.

I'll take more photos when I've got some tiles finished. The guy who built the display case for me is interested to see how I'm using it, and I think the woman who sells the tiles might like to see it, too. Plus my friends, of course. :)
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