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Running out of pain meds

Crap. I may run out of both Tylenol #3 and Tylenol #4 tablets by the end of the weekend. I hadn't realized I was getting so close to running out, but the headaches have been so bad since my snafu on Wednesday (when I did not take pills when I should have) that I've taken considerably more pills than usual for the past three days & so have used them up more quickly than I would have expected. (Note: I've still been well below the recommended maximum dosage; I've just been taking more than I had previously.)

Anyway, I called in the refills, but the pharmacy can't fill them until they've received authorization, and so I've also sent an email to my doctor, begging her to authorize the refills as early as possible on Monday.

Depending on how bad my headaches are tonight, tomorrow, and Monday morning (and thus how many pills I have to take during that period of time), I may end up staying home from CWC on Monday to make increasingly anxious phone calls attempting to get doctors and pharmacists to cooperate in the effort to keep my head from exploding.

Also, surgery in four days.

This is all making me quite anxious. Luckily, I am not out of Xanax.
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