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Yeah, I'm writing about headaches again

I've been paying for yesterday's decision all day today.

I should never let my headaches get so bad. I shouldn't put off taking the Tylenol+codeine. These should be my mantras.

I only slept about 5 hours last night & woke up around 6 with a headache so bad that I couldn't sleep anymore & couldn't really do anything else, either. I don't remember how I passed the next 3 hours, but it was in a headache haze.

I went through a period of a couple hours this afternoon when the headache was barely noticeable, but the rest of the day has been terrible. In writing group this morning, I began writing in response to the prompt, but quickly devolved into writing about pain, because I could barely think through the severe headache.

Tonight I took two Tylenol #4 tablets, and they barely made a dent. Currently, I'm waiting up until 12:50 a.m., when I can take two more Tylenol #4 tablets together, in hopes that I will be able to sleep and not wake up in pain & be up half the night, as I have been before.

The headaches haven't been this bad in weeks. This is what I get for deciding not to take any more pills at the nephrologist's office yesterday. Next time, I will make as many phone calls as necessary to get someone to agree to come and get me, and I will go ahead and take a pill that will make me loopy. It's better than terrible headaches for days afterward.

Yes, days, plural. When I've done this in the past, I ended up taking two Tylenol #4 tablets every 6 hours for two days before the headache really subsided. I'm hoping it's not so bad this time, I'm hoping I'll be able to sleep & the headache will be gone in the morning, but I'm also prepared to take care of myself if that isn't the case.

Next time I take the damn pill.

All day, I've had this old song stuck in my head. It's from Tears For Fears' first album back in the early '80's, and it's the title song: "The Hurting."

God I hope these headaches diminish after the cataract surgeries. Please please please.

Less than 6 days until the first surgery. Please please please.
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