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Friends, I have great need! Help me!

The Situation
  1. I will be traveling alone on public transit to my first cataract surgery on May 14th.
  2. I must be there (in Walnut Creek) by 6:30 a.m.—and will be leaving my house around 4:45 a.m. to achieve this on public transit—and so might be rather sleepy.
  3. I'm not supposed to bring any valuables to the surgery (presumably because I will be heavily drugged & they don't want to be responsible for my belongings), and so my iPod must remain at home. Therefore, I'll have no audio books, no music, and no computer games.
  4. I may not take any random other medications before the surgery, and so I can’t use motion sickness pills to allow me to read on BART.
  5. Since I am required to check in an entire hour before my surgery is scheduled, I may also spend a significant amount of time sitting around in a waiting room.

So I need some way to keep myself awake on BART to make sure that I don’t (1) miss my transfer at MacArthur or (2) miss my stop at Walnut Creek and end up in Bay Point, wherever the heck that is. Also, it would be kind of nice to be entertained/distracted in case I get a bit nervous before having my eye cut open.

So, basically, I’m in need of something that satisfies three criteria:
  1. It must occupy my sleepy attention well for a couple hours.
  2. It must not rely upon words to occupy my attention (due to motion sickness concerns).
  3. It must not be in any way particularly valuable.

I went to Moe’s today & walked around for more than an hour, looking for a book that might fit the bill, but had no luck. I thought maybe I could get a book of photographs by a particular photographer, or paintings by a particular painter, or buildings by a particular architect, or photos of a particular place, or a million pictures of amphibians, or just anything that is just basically a book of pictures that would interest me. No luck.

So I'm sending it out to you guys. Any ideas? It doesn't have to be a book. It could be a tiny, portable art project. It could be an ancient Gameboy with an ancient Tetris cartridge. It could be a crochet hook and a very tiny skein of yarn. Whatever! Help!

If you're a local person & you have any small books of interesting pictures, I would very much appreciate a loan. If you have a fascinating postcard collection you wouldn't mind losing, that would be cool, too. If you have any other bright ideas, I await your brilliance.

I'm just really hoping to avoid an empty stretch of solitary sleepy travel. Crystal is giving me a ride home from Walnut Creek after the surgery, but the early-morning trip there is all up to me & my eager-for-entertainment brain.

(Note: This has become my headache icon.)


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May. 1st, 2014 04:32 pm (UTC)
Have you tried looking on eBay or CraigsList for a used iPod Shuffle? The new ones aren't very expensive, an old one might be cheap. And if you lose it, just write it off.
craig Sergeant
May. 1st, 2014 04:49 pm (UTC)
I Pod Shuffle
I have an old ipod (the really tiny one with no screen of any kind). You can have it if you want. Sorry there is no They Might Be Giants on it. I think all the charger bits are still around.
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