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Another Haircut, Because You Care So Much

I went and got more of my hair cut off today, because I just couldn't stand it hanging in my face anymore.

My head has become sensitive enough that I can't even wear the smallest clips or even a loosely woven snood (which I was wearing like a beret for a while) to keep my hair under control. In fact, just pressing a finger against my scalp hurts. Well, at least the scalp across the entire top of my head. (The back is fine.) Washing my hair hurts the whole time & leaves my scalp hurting quite a bit for a long time afterward.

So, anyway, the headaches have become gradually worse and worse, but I kept thinking I could just hang in there until after the surgery. This weekend I decided that nope, I couldn't hang in there until after the surgery. That's still 2 1/2 weeks away, and I could no longer do anything with my hair without pain. So I needed hair that didn't need anything done with it.

I talked about going the Sinead O'Connor route, but never really meant it. I think my head is too round for that, and I'd end up looking like Charlie Brown. Instead, I just got about half of it cut off, leaving me with still quite a bit of hair compared to many (perhaps even most) people. But the front now stays almost entirely out of my face, and only gets in my eyes a tiny bit: enough to not require horrible bangs in the front but not enough to annoy me. So I'm happy.

My hair just keeps getting shorter and shorter. Perhaps I actually will end up going Sinead O'Connor before the May 14th surgery date arrives. The way things are going, just having my own hair weighing on my scalp is going to hurt pretty soon.

And good lord ... these headaches better damn well go away after the surgery. I've been betting on that, and if it doesn't happen I'm going to be absolutely crushed.
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