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Kidney Function: New Lab Results

I had blood drawn yesterday, and my doctor immediately emailed me upon receiving the results, because the kidney numbers aren't very good. Creatinine=1.51, eGFR=42. She urged me to consult with my nephrologist. I don't currently have one, of course, but I'll be meeting with the new one on May 7th.

To put these new numbers in perspective, I'll post a newly revised and updated timeline of my kidney function.

Lab Result Timeline

8/30/10: creatinine 1.19 (a little high), eGFR 50 (low)
3/9/11: creatinine 1.25, eGFR 47
8/17/11: creatinine 1.24, eGFR 54
12/20/11: creatinine 1.26, eGFR 53
6/26/12: creatinine 1.23, eGFR 54
4/11/13: creatinine 1.53, eGFR 41
6/3/13: creatinine 1.41, eGFR 46
6/11/13: creatinine 1.65 (quite high), eGFR 38 (quite low)

* reduced lithium dosage *

6/21/13: creatinine 1.40, eGFR 46

* completely off lithium *

8/8/13: creatinine 1.33, eGFR 49, blood sodium 139 (normal and usual for me), urine sodium <30 (low)
12/30/13: creatinine 1.57, eGFR 40

* 1/3/14 - 1/7/14 (4 days) *
* heavily loading up on sodium at an unsustainable level *

1/7/14: creatinine 1.60 (quite high), eGFR 39 (quite low)
1/15/14: urine creatinine 10.9 (low — what does this mean?), urine sodium <30 (low again)

* 2/3/14 - 2/7/14 (4 days) *
* heavily loading up on sodium at an unsustainable level *
* (no fresh fruit/vegetables, nothing not high in sodium) *
* (2 cups of bouillon every day) *

2/7/14: creatinine 1.36, eGFR 48 (back to August 2013 levels)

* nephrologist said to just eat normally & continue to drink Gatorade *
* supposedly, everything was "stable" now *

3/13/14: creatinine 1.48, eGFR 43
4/22/14: creatinine 1.51, eGFR 42

So my kidneys haven't gotten a lot worse in the past month—which is a relief to learn—but they haven't gotten better, either.

And, again, to put these numbers in further perspective, the definitions of Stage 3 and Stage 4 of chronic kidney disease are as follows:

Stage 3: eGFR = 30-59
Stage 4: eGFR = 15-29

So I'm still nowhere near Stage 4, but I'm not doing as well as I was back in August 2013 (or even February 2014, when I was chock full of salt).

Well, in a week & a half I can see what the new nephrologist makes of all this.
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