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Headache meds today

Today's Tylenol + Codeine Usage
1 Tylenol #3 tablet at 6:00 pm
1 Tylenol #3 tablet at 1:00 am

If you read that, you may have guessed that I was able to get my Tylenol #3 prescription filled today. Huzzah!

I've been feeling incredibly incredibly stressed lately, because the next 4 weeks are just so frantically crammed full of doctor appointments that I can't grasp the enormity of the busyness in my brain all at one time. I discussed this with my therapist today, and eventually decided that it would be best for me to print up some week-long calendars & just tape them up over my monthly calendar on the wall, encouraging me to just look at things week-by-week. If I want to, I can flip them up and look at the month as a whole, but I think this might help me feel less overwhelmed.

I saw my primary care doc today for the pre-surgery assessment, and I forgot to bring the paperwork she needed to fill out. Her assistant phoned the cataract doc's office & asked them to fax over the forms, and they did so, and my doc filled them out, but when I got home & looked at the forms I was given, they don't match. So I'm not sure if the form my doc filled out will work or if I will need to go see her again so she can fill out the correct form. Also, I need to speak to the cataract doc's office to make sure that it's okay to fax the forms just once to one office, even though I'm having two surgeries. Also, I need to phone my insurance to find out why I've only received notification of approval for one surgery instead of two.

I've been putting off all this cataract surgery stuff, but the first surgery is 3 weeks from today, so I need to get on the ball.

Wacky idea. I wonder if I could put off the physical therapy until after the cataract surgery. It would lessen my stress enormously. Unfortunately, the neurologist who prescribed the physical therapy has left the country for a few weeks due to a family emergency, so I can't really consult him about the advisability of this. It would certainly make my life a gazillion times easier, though.
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