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Man, this "soft collar" is annoying. But I came home from my day's errands absolutely exhausted & fell into a deep 2-hour slumber, so at least I know it doesn't hinder my sleep.

My day today:

1. Therapy (non-eventful). My therapist will be out of town for the next two weeks, so this is the last time I'll see her for a while. To be honest, my primary reaction was something along the lines of "Woo hoo! More time to do art!"

2. The medical supply store, where the saleswoman and I spent at least half an hour pulling out boxes of cervical collars & trying to find the right size for me. We finally found one that is uncomfortable enough to probably do the job it's supposed to do, but not uncomfortable enough to do that job more uncomfortably than necessary.

3. X-ray of my neck. Not much to say there. X-rays were taken. And my neck was involved. Ho hum. Nothing exciting there until we see the results, and one hopes those won't be exciting, either. They should just provide us with the ho hum info that they show nothing terrible, that no, I do not in fact have a bone spur that is causing the pinched nerve and no, I will not in fact have to have someone cut my neck open to slice a piece of bone off my spine.

4. Blood draw for the neurologist's tests. I had a look at the neurologist's lab order before turning it in to the lab, and he was looking at two things: my vitamin B12 levels and "serum immunofixation." I'm assuming both of these things are in relation to my numb toes, since he didn't indicate any other reason to do a blood draw. I should have asked him for more information, of course, but at the time I was too busy holding my neck and thinking, "Ow!" and freaking out that I'd never noticed that my toes were kinda numb.

So anyway, B12 deficiency is related to "pernicious anemia," which I remember hearing mentioned last year when the docs were running so many tests on me — I think it was mentioned in relation to the "Babinski Response" that ended up being a red herring. Looking back at my lab results from the last 4 years, though, I don't see any that mention vitamin B12. It's possible that it was tested and I just didn't receive a copy of the results, but it's also possible that it was never tested.

The "serum immunofixation" test (which I read about this evening but don't understand) is used to detect blood-related diseases (esp. cancers), but all the websites seem to mention "multiple myeloma" as the most common.

I have plenty of symptoms of both vitamin B12 deficiency and multiple myeloma, but that's probably just due to the fact that I have lots of symptoms, period. You put nausea together with headaches together with fatigue, and then add in some numb toes, and you can come up with almost anything. So we'll run these tests & see what comes up. I doubt it's anything serious ... but the fact remains that my toes are numb to sharps & that's not normal. I'm sure it can be caused by a thousand different things, however. I'm happy that my new neurologist is thorough & trust that he'll continue to work with me to figure it out.

I walked all these places today & got tired, but not in a "Whew! I've walked miles! I need to rest my feet!" kind of way, but rather in an "I'm going to fall asleep in the middle of a sentence" kind of way. While waiting to have my blood drawn, I nearly fell asleep in the lobby.

When I got home from the lab, I had a bunch of other things on my "To Do" list — such as phoning about the physical therapy the neurologist had prescribed — but I was just so incredibly exhausted that I stripped off my clothes & fell into bed & lay unconscious until Shannon woke me 2 hours later. So a lot of things are moving from today's "To Do" list onto tomorrow's "To Do" list. No biggie. It'll all get done.

Right now I really should go clean the litter boxes & wash my hair, but I may just go back to sleep. Of course, if I wash my hair, I get to take off the collar. Decisions, decisions.
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