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Lab results & kidney function blah blah blah

I got new lab results from my blood draw on 3/13/14. My doctor's office now participates in the Sutter Health Online program, which allows me to look up my lab results online pretty much as soon as the doctor has them, which TOTALLY rocks.

Anyway, so here are some lab result thoughts:

1. My creatinine has gone up a bit (1.48 from 1.36 on 2/7/14) and my eGFR has gone down a bit (43 from 48 on 2/7/14), both of which are the wrong directions for them to be going. I figure this is because I'm not deluging my organs with a salt water bath all day long every day anymore, like I was in the days preceding that 2/7/14 blood draw. At any rate, I'm seeing the dietitian tomorrow, so we can discuss what these lab results mean for me and my diet moving forward.

2. My cholesterol seems to have gotten a bit high somewhere along the way. My cholesterol has always been great, and my HDL (good cholesterol) is still through the roof, but my LDL (bad cholesterol) is now at the high end of the normal range. I'll talk to the dietitian about that, too.

3. My blood sodium seems to have gotten a bit high somewhere along the way, also. It's now at the tippy top of the standard range, and I seem to remember that it was in the low part of normal on previous tests. But my blood pressure is still fine, so there's that.

4. For the first time in several years, my "urine specific gravity" is in the normal range, instead of being ridiculously low. This is, no doubt, because I've been eating and eating and eating, trying to balance the amount I'm drinking with some intake of food.

Anyway, as I said, I'm seeing the dietitian tomorrow, so I'm sure that will yield some interesting thoughts.

And then ... drum roll ... on Friday ... drum roll ... I'm seeing ... drum roll ...

THE CATARACT SURGEON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I expect that within less than 48 hours of this precise moment, I will have a surgery appointment scheduled.

ETA: I'm still getting headaches, still a couple times a day, but the Tylenol Plan is working well. I take Tylenol #3 first to see if I can get away with it, then only take Tylenol #4 if BOTH of two things are true: (1) the headache was not fixed by Tylenol #3 and (2) I have no plans to leave the house within the next few hours. The Tylenol #4 makes me kind of loopy. But at least this has meant that my headaches are 100% fixable now. YAY!
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