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People just don't understand

Okay, so I bought some buttons from this guy on Etsy, and I think they're hysterical, but I've been finding that most of the rest of the world (or the part of it I encounter on a casual everyday basis) just doesn't get it.

For example, this button: "oh snap, it's onomatopoeia." Apparently, if one were to draw a Venn diagram indicating the populations of a) people who know what onomatopoeia is and b) people who are familiar with the exclamation "oh snap," there would only be a very tiny bit of overlap.

For another example, this button: "I can't shake this feeling that something terrible is about to happen." Though I find the illustration exceedingly clear, it seems that most people in the world are unable to recognize a piñata when they see one. Once I point at the illustration and explain (possibly patiently, possibly not), "It's a PINATA!", then people think it's funny. But a joke explained is a joke lost, as my senior year English teacher, Mr. Douglas, used to say.

For another example, this button: "unreiable narrator." Apparently you have to be simultaneously a lit nerd *and* a psychology nerd in order to think it's funny. As with the "oh snap" button, this Venn diagram would apparently show little overlap.

And I haven't even bought this button ("houseflies are always scheming") yet, though I was so very tempted, because I have the feeling I would have to explain it to every single person who ever saw it. It made me laugh out loud when I first saw it (and changed the way I will see houseflies forever), but apparently I find strange things funny.

I am disappointed in the world's sense of humor. I seem to be in a place all by myself in an overlap of many different circles in the Venn diagram of life. Actually, maybe the guy who runs this button shop might be with me in that overlap place.
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