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Saw my GP today, and she did the positional tests for BPPV, which were negative. She thinks my recent vertigo problems have been due to dehydration. She noted that the vertigo was worst on the day after I'd had my blood draw, and my nephrologist said that my blood draw results from that time indicated that I was probably very dehydrated.

I had noted in the week or so before the blood draw that I'd been drinking less Gatorade than usual, but I thought I was drinking plenty of water. I've been less thirsty since going off lithium, and I thought that was a good thing. But if I'm not drinking enough, then that's not a good thing.

So the GP told me to continue following the nephrologist's instructions about drinking lots of water and Gatorade (she, too, expressed the importance of Gatorade) and waiting to see the results of the blood draw I'll have taken tomorrow. I emailed the nephrologist yesterday to ask whether this need for additional liquids and sodium is a long-term thing or only until tomorrow's blood draw.

I've been searching online to try to find out if dehydration can actually make chronic kidney disease worse, as I'm worrying that I may have actually been further damaging my kidneys, but all I keep finding is info about how dehydration can cause acute kidney disease. Nothing about the relationship between CKD and dehydration.

I think I need a kidney icon.
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