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Well, as I suspected, I'm allergic to Latuda. The itching got worse and worse until I couldn't really sleep at night. I discontinued taking it as of yesterday morning, and I was able to sleep a bit better last night, but the itching continues. It's worst on my head, neck, and face, because those haven't been getting the oatmeal bath treatment like the rest of my body.

So no more Latuda. The meds doc doesn't want to try anything new until it's completely out of my system, so we can make sure that the problems (not only the itching, but also the insomnia and increased anxiety) have gone away and been definitely identified as being caused by the drug.

He says we'll wait and see how I'm doing after 5 days. If my mood seems stable, we won't add any new meds at that time. If I seem to be swinging up or down, then we'll talk about what to do next.

In the meantime, *scritch* *scratch* *scritch* ...

And in the past couple days I've been putting more bookmarks up on my Etsy shop, Polychrome Paper. I made a "Conjunction Junction" one that I love particularly much, but then that's always been my favorite Schoolhouse Rock cartoon.

People on Etsy seem fond of my bookmarks, but not interested much in my paper collage. *shrug* I do all of it mostly just because I enjoy it, anyway.
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