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Etsy and Nausea

Put some greeting cards in my Etsy shop, just prints of my cherry blossom collage. (And I don't write about this stuff here because I'm trying to get anyone to buy anything -- I'm just writing about what's going on with me, what's on my mind.)

Jim at CWC (one of the staff members) says he has a good scan of my best Xmas card from last year somewhere on his computer, so he's going to look for it & I'm hopeful. It would be great if I could have a holiday card in my shop.

I'm having fun with the Etsy shop, even though I'm not sure if anything is going to come of it. I've decided that I'm not going to worry about getting a calendar done for the new year, though, because that would be too much time pressure when my anxiety is as bad as it has been lately. I'll just do a series of collages with dimensions appropriate for greeting cards, and then possibly pull them together for a calendar at some later date if they turn out well (if I'm still doing the Etsy thing by this time next year).

In the meantime, my nausea is once again quite bad in the afternoons and evenings, and my appetite is not good even early in the day. I'd wondered if the effects of the kidney disease would become more apparent again as I reduced the Seroquel dosage, and it looks like they have. I'm trying to remember the tactics I used back when the nausea was bad before, now that I got all spoiled by the increased appetite for a few months. I'm trying to eat normal-sized meals whenever I can, drink nutrition drinks when I can't eat, eat candied ginger (though it doesn't seem to be helping much anymore), wear clothes very loose in the waist, find brainless ways to entertain myself when I feel too ill to concentrate even on fic or tv ... that sort of stuff.

Have I mentioned that kidney disease sucks? Well, it does.
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