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Me and my fat ass go shopping

LiveJournal is being a major pain in my ass today. "The document contains no data." Bite me.

I went clothes shopping today, and bought some cute stuff. Spent $130, which was far too much money, but I got 1 dress, 4 pairs of pants, and 7 shirts, so it was worth it.

I now officially wear a size 14. I'm 5'1" tall, and I wear a size 14. Excuse me while I panic and run screaming from the room.

Well, my butt wears a size 14, anyway. My waist doesn't, but ... just as television markets to the dumbest common denominator, I have to buy clothes that fit my fattest common denominator. And that's my ass.

The ass in which LiveJournal is giving me a pain.

And I must admit that my boobs apparently wear a size 14, as well. I tried on a couple shirts that were smaller than that, and spring was bustin' out all over. Shannon probably would have enjoyed the effect, but it wasn't especially comfy.

Shopping has made me ravenously hungry. How can I be hungry after learning that I currently wear a size 14? Unfathomable, and yet true.
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