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Yesterday I went to my writing group with Crystal and Julia (and realized that I was still somewhat hypomanic, because I stopped three times on the way there to write things on my To Do list), but I was very very tired most of the rest of the day and got very little done. I did some boring, less creative stuff on organizing my collage materials, but didn't do much else. The fatigue was pretty bad. And in the evening I had terrible nausea. Bleh.

I also went back to the optometrist and had a "re-check," because my new sexy librarian glasses made my vision in my left eye worse than it had been with the previous glasses. The guy had a hard time -- both the first time and this time -- figuring out what to do to help that eye. It mostly just sucks. But we'll give the revised prescription a try when the new glasses arrive in 2 weeks or so.

This morning I don't feel hypomanic at all -- I feel okay, but not excessively energetic -- but we'll see how things go. Sometimes I can't really evaluate my mood until a few hours have gone by and I see how I interact with the world.

Today I'm going to the CWC art room, where I'll be working on my CKD collage book cover and title page. That project is very nearly entirely done, which will allow me to turn all my attention (or, rather, all my creative attention) to the anger project.

That's my new band name: The Anger Project.

I'm looking forward to starting to really get into anger up to my elbows. Metaphorically speaking. (Actually, I'm not sure how you could make that literal, anyway.)
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