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God. Such terrible nausea. Unfortunately, the nephrologist seems to think that this degree of nausea -- unlike the fatigue -- can be caused by my level of kidney disease. I.e., it's unlikely to get better.


I got new glasses with slightly cat-eyed frames, which I love, but the vision in my left eye seems worse than with my previous glasses. WTF? Must phone the optometrist and make him take another look.

I started a new art project today, breaking away from all the very literal, illness-related stuff I've been doing for the last several weeks. I'm doing a collage of a tree covered in cherry blossoms. I love cherry blossoms (in fact, I have a LJ tag for them, because I write about them almost every spring), and I don't know quite what made me want to start this project, but I'm enthused about it. so I spent a couple hours today cutting up bits of black and pink paper from all kinds of random magazines. The project will probably take a little while -- and involve lots of very fiddly glueing of tiny bits and pieces -- but I'm excited about it.

Well, except right now, when I'm not excited by much except the prospect of maybe sometime soon not feeling nausea.
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