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New haircut

This pic is terrible, because I took it using Photo Booth on my computer, and it turned out dark and I had to lighten it so you could even see my hair, but you don't care about all that. Here's a crappy photo of my new haircut:

The new haircut

Apparently, I should never brush my hair, because that is part of why it has been so frizzy. My hair has too much curl for brushing, and I'm just supposed to use a wide-toothed comb or my fingers. No blow drying necessary, product only to control frizz (which I was already doing before). In the photo, I have part of it pinned back, because that part keeps hanging in my eyes. I felt like Veronica Lake. So I had to pin it back, and will probably need to do so until it gets long enough to tuck behind my ear again, but it's easy and I like how it looks.

Anyway, ta da! I'm looking forward to washing it and marvelling at how easy it is.
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