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Of burglar alarms, love notes, and untimely sneezes

I actually went to Writing Group at CWC today, for the first time in months. I'd been avoiding it, thinking I would go again when I was feeling better, both physically and emotionally, but today I decided to try to get back on the writing group horse, seein' as how I can't depend on things getting a lot better.

Our prompt today was to write something that included a burglar, a love note, and an untimely sneeze, and we had about 15-20 minutes to write. This is what I wrote:

burglar alarms
aren't always right
sometimes it's just
the neighbor's cat
jumping onto the windowsill
chasing a moth
is the moth the burglar?
or the cat?
like I said,
sometimes there is no burglar
just a false alarm
kids sneaking around,
giggling in the dark,
looking for adventure,
a possum tight-rope walking
along the top of the fence,
a passerby emitting
an unexpectedly violent sneeze,
and the alarm bells ring.

Something is desperately wrong!

oh, wait, it's just a cat
oh wait, it's just a sneeze
but sometimes it isn't
sometimes it isn't a false alarm
sometimes it's a true alarm
even if it doesn't go off.
no bells ringing,
no sirens wailing,
but something is wrong.

Something is desperately, terribly wrong.

it isn't a cat
or a possum
or a moth
or a sneeze --
it's a burglar.

Why didn't the alarm go off?
Did you forget to set it?
Did someone know the code?
Did they turn it off on purpose,
so that their evil deeds
could go unobserved?

why would they do that?
why do burglars burgle?
what do they want?
why don't they care?
they just take
take the things you value
take the things you love
take the things you need.
and you come home --
to an empty house --

Why did the alarm not go off?

things have been stolen
of course they've been stolen
you'll never get them back
but you still have yourself
and the cat
and the moth
and the possum
and the passerby

sit down on the cold linoleum tile
pull a folded piece of paper
out of your pocket
and write a love note
a love note to yourself
write it with the ink
of your tears

Write, "Where was the alarm?
Why didn't it sound?
Where are the things I love?
Am I so alone?
Or do I have love in my heart,
love in my heart
and in the ones I love --
the cat
the moth
the possum
the passersby

Were the Beatles right?
Is that all I need?"
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