Kimberly (kimberly_a) wrote,

New cat! Callisto!

So … we have a new cat! (See icon for photographic proof.) We've named her Callisto, primarily because her tortoiseshell coat looks a bit like the surface of that particular moon. She's very pretty, and while we were filling our her adoption paperwork at the mobile adoption, pretty much everyone who walked past stopped to coo into her cage and tell her how gorgeous she is. (And yet, from what Shannon saw on the paperwork, she'd been coming out at the mobile adoption events for a couple months without being adopted!)

She's about 11 months old -- a bit younger than I would have preferred, but within the acceptable range -- and I think she's going to get along famously with Lucy once they get past the wary stage that involves occasional hissing and growling. Even after a day and a half, they are getting nearer and nearer to each other before the warning noises start up.

She has some undesirable behaviors, but that isn't really strange for a kitten, and she is still very much in the late kittenish stage (though she is more than 1.5 x Lucy's size!). She likes to grab my hand and bite (though not hard, and not enough to really hurt). She likes to bite my watch band and my bracelets. When she's on my lap, she usually wants immediate and devoted attention, so she isn't very patient with an iPod Touch being held up in front of my face.

However, she slept all cuddly with me -- very still and quiet -- for about 5 hours last night, and even then she was only disturbed by me getting up and changing position … after which she absolutely would not settle again and I eventually had to abandon her and return to the "real" bed with Shannon. She also slept with me some while I was napping this evening.

She loves to jump up onto my lap when I'm working on my computer, and she'll sit there quite comfortably and not interfere for fairly long periods of time.

She has decided (probably because I slept with her last night) that I (and not Shannon) am her person. If she is in a room and seeming nervous, she will immediately come when I call and rub my hand lovingly and seem calmer immediately.

She's extremely affectionate and probably would like to be petted 24 hours/day if such were possible, and yet if I gently chide her when she's getting in my way & I gently push her away, she's pretty good about either just settling in my lap or wandering off to do her own thing. (She's also pretty good about doing this when I push her away from biting my watch/bracelet/whatever.)

Basically, I think she's going to be a wonderful cat for our household. The only question is: how long will it be before Lucy comes to the same conclusion? The adjustment period will be a bit stressful, but based on evidence thus far I predict they will be friends before the week is out.
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