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Girl Scouts and iMood-Chart and headphones and coughing and bad dreams all suck

Warning: Entry rated R for language and implied violence toward Girl Scouts

The official Girl Scout website has a "cookie locator" that allows you to type in your zip code & get a list of where/when cookies will be sold near you. I and/or Shannon have made at least 4 trips to locations where these fucking Girl Scouts are supposedly selling cookies, and there has been no joy. Seriously. 4 times!

My conclusion: Girl Scouts are lazy, unreliable little bitches who don't want to sell cookies.

In other frustrating news, today I lost one of the little rubber tips that make my earbuds comfortable in my ear. The headphones are completely useless without them, so I can't use my beloved noise-reducing headphones with the handy remote track and volume control. I was extremely upset for a while after I realized it, and I was retracing my steps everywhere in the house and on the sidewalk outside, peering desperately at the ground, and then crying and everything when I realized that the search was hopeless. I had just yesterday started using a white noise program to cut out noise and help me be less anxious, but I guess that's impossible for a while. I do have another pair of headphones (the pathetic ones that came with the iPod Touch when I bought it -- why does Apple send such horrible headphones with their products?), but they don't block any outside noise, and they don't have any volume control, and they just basically suck, like I said. So I called Sony and ordered replacement rubber tips, but who knows how long they will take to arrive. In the meantime, I am a sad, sad user of crappy headphones.

Yeah, sometimes it's silly how much small things matter in my life, but it doesn't change the fact that they do matter.

iMood-Chart, the website/app (it shares info between both) that I've been using for about a year to chart my moods and other health info, and which I've been finding extremely useful, changed their entire interface while we were in Hawaii, and it has no tutorial or direction to help users learn how to use it, and it's now pretty much impossible to figure out, so I've been trying, pretty much every day since we got home on the 6th, to figure it out so I can use it again. I've been forced to just basically click on random parts of the screen in hopes that one of them will do something useful. It's ridiculous.

Finally, I sent email to their customer service, asking for help in figuring it out. Instead, they told me they would make the old version available "just for [me]," but didn't bother to give me any info on how to use the new version of the site. I doubt that they're going to keep this pity version of the site up "just for [me]" for any extended period of time, so I'd like to learn how to use the new one, but both the site and the customer service frustrate me so badly that I'm just saying, "Screw them," and shopping for a new charting site. It looks like the others are much less flexible, but at least they fucking make sense and I can figure out how to use them! Sheesh.

I've been coughing. I'm pissed about it.

Shannon and I have been perusing pet adoption websites, checking out available kitties of appropriate ages and temperaments, and we may adopt one (or two siblings) sometime soon. Lucy has no idea what she's in for. She totally tormented Cobweb and Munchkin for years, and it's payback time!

Looking at pet adoption sites is emotionally taxing, though, because there are so many adorable cats with so many sad stories, and I want them all. Like, who can pass up the kitty whose owner died of cancer? So sad! But we have some pretty specific requirements for a new cat.

I'm not really sure that it's such a great idea to get a new cat(s) when I'm having such major anxiety problems, but … well … we'll see.

I wish a new episode of "The Lizzie Bennet Diaries" came out every single day, but I just have to wait for Mondays and Thursdays. It sucks.

As I was telling Shannon last night as we were falling asleep, everything sucks. This week I am doing my best impression of a whiny little bitch. I've been sleeping a lot, because things mostly don't suck when you're sleeping, though I did have a dream a couple nights ago that ended with me thrashing and flailing in a total panic, striking out at everything near me in an attempt to escape. It was one of my worst dreams ever, and I've had plenty of dreams in my life about murder and car crashes and terrible things happening to the people I love. In this dream, I felt like I was going to die, and I was just in this completely powerless panic, this violent physical reaction to fear. It was a little bit like the time, a few years ago, when I nearly drowned in the ocean.

So … yeah … bad dreams suck, too.

Things suck.

I want nothing to do with anyone. And I want nothing to do with anything. I want to hide somewhere where no one can find me, where I can listen to cheerful music and read fanfics with happy endings and look at the pretty $5 ring I bought in Hawaii and eat low-fat string cheese from Trader Joe's and drink Ceres' guava juice (which they unfortunately do not sell at Berkeley Bowl). I want no one to want anything from me, I want nothing to break, and I want nothing to go wrong. I want to ignore my email inbox, and I want to ignore the phone, and I want all the UC Berkeley students to suddenly go out of town at the same time. And I want them to do it on very very quiet tiptoes, without calling loud goodbyes to their friends.

But maybe my POG will arrive tomorrow. That would be good. Better than nothing.
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