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No one likes my fanmix

I hate that moment, a few days after I've posted a fan work to the Internet, and the post has gotten plenty of hits (in some cases, hundreds), when it becomes apparent that I'm not going to get feedback of any kind. Nada. Nothing. Not even, "This sucks!" Even trolls can't be bothered.

It's like staring into a yawning, indifferent void.

I just have to remind myself that I, personally, enjoyed the process of making the work, and I, personally, think it's pretty cool, and … I guess … I just have to say … to hell with the rest of the world.

So … to hell with the rest of the world. At least for today.

Maybe tomorrow I can post a completely separate request, in a different location, asking for help. But not today. Because people suck today.

I feel very tiny and insignificant. That's mostly about me, and not much about fandom, but there it is.
Tags: creativity, fandom, self-esteem

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