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Peter Dinklage (and other, less pleasant, things)

I got a bunch of snail mail from Disability today, "reminding" me that they had made some (previously unknown to me) appointments for me in about a week and a half to further the analysis of whether I should continue to receive benefits. Also received today, and (coincidentally) mailed the same day, were letters informing me about these appointments. What kind of idiot mails you something to inform you of an appointment, and something to remind you of the appointment, on the same day? Answer: the U.S. government.

So now I have to get mentally and physically prodded and poked. Of course I recognize the need to do so, but it still stresses me out.

In completely unrelated (and less stressful) news, I uploaded a new video to YouTube today: this time a vid for the somewhat obscure Peter Dinklage movie "The Station Agent." If you've seen the movie, check it out:

Peter Dinklage rocks.

That is all.
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