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Luden's Cough Drops and Dry Toast

I'm sick. Shannon's sick. We've both been trapped in the house long enough that we seem to be getting on each other's nerves.

Shannon caught a cold and a flu in rapid succession, and gave both of them to me. So the past couple days I've been dealing with a stomach flu while I have bronchitis. Not a terrible stomach flu -- no vomiting thus far -- but constant nausea and aches and exhaustion. (And it's a bit annoying that I have bronchitis meds I'm supposed to take with food, but I can't stand to eat anything but dry toast.)

Shannon got really terribly sick with the flu. The night before last, in particular, he was running a fever so high that we talked seriously about whether to take him to the emergency room. We were both pretty freaked out, because he very rarely gets sick, and this was the sickest I've ever seen him. He was utterly miserable. But he hung in there & his fever started to go down, and yesterday it continued to go down even further. Now he seems to be doing much much better, though definitely not yet well.

It's lucky that he's feeling a bit better today, since that meant he was able to go buy some groceries. With both of us sick simultaneously, I was imagining a future in which our diet was composed entirely of foods that could either be purchased at the nearby convenience store or delivered. And neither of those included Robitussin.

Also luckily, the bronchitis has gotten much better fairly quickly, just as it did last time. In fact, thus far it looks pretty identical to last time: terrible terrible terrible coughing until the medications kicked in, then a few days of gradually decreased coughing. I expect that I will now -- once again -- have some prolonged period of frequent harsh coughing, but without the worst part of the bronchitis experience: inability to sleep. Last night I actually slept for nearly 4 hours before I woke up coughing, so things are already definitely looking up.

As an aside: I never want to see another Luden's Wild Cherry Cough Drop. Ever. Ever ever ever for the rest of my life. This past week, I had two nights in a row during which I heavily relied on them, sucking on one after another after another throughout the wee hours, just trying to keep from sobbing in desperation at the horrible coughing … and at the end of these couple days, this cough drop abuse was immediately punctuated by stomach flu, forming a strong connection between the two in my mind. The very idea or aroma of Luden's now makes me want to vomit. Bleh.
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