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Bronchitis II: Return of the Cough

I caught Shannon's nasty cold a couple days ago … my coughing got bad … I mostly didn't sleep last night due to said coughing … concerned that the recent bronchitis might make me more prone to another bout of bronchitis, today I went to the doctor … and the diagnosis is bronchitis. Joy! At least I've had some training in this particular sport. I'm particularly experienced in the Hot Water Drink, the Cough Drop Suck, and the Sleeping Sitting Up on the Couch events.

The doc seemed concerned by the fact that I never stopped coughing from the first bout of bronchitis in November. The continued coughing wasn't bad, and it didn't interrupt my sleep, but it was consistent and frequent: maybe 20+ times a day … for about two months after we'd decided I was "well enough" to pick my life up where I left off, in addition to the 6 weeks or so of coughing before that. That's a lot of coughing.

She didn't specify whether I have bronchitis again or still. It doesn't really matter, I suppose.

So anyway, the doc sent me for some chest x-rays this afternoon. She doesn't think there's anything wrong with my lungs, but she thought it would be good to check. She thinks I may have some chronic condition -- probably newly developed -- that is interacting badly with everyday viruses. Her two biggest guesses at this point are allergies and adult-onset asthma. She gave me some prescriptions (one of which had a "co-pay" of $230 -- I chose not to get that one) and wants me to see her again in 4-5 days so they can see if the drugs are helping, and they will have received the x-rays by then as well.

In the meantime, I predict some sleepless nights. *cough* *cough* *cough*

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