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Other than that, Kimberly, how was the play?

I haven't been doing so well. Stress, anxiety, depression, exhaustion, blah blah blah. There are lots of things that are either going wrong or worrying me or otherwise demanding my negative attention, some large and some ridiculously small:

1. Social Security sent a bunch of paperwork because they are re-evaluating my eligibility for benefits, and so Shannon and I spent -- literally -- hours answering all their questions yesterday. Fun fun weekend! At least now the papers are sent off & we only have to wait and worry about the decision.

2. Our cable card in our Tivo went kablooey, and all our cable channels disappeared. I spent hours wrestling with Comcast to try to solve the problem, "chatting" with their help reps three different times online and visiting their Berkeley office in person twice, and the solution ended up being very simple, very easy, which made it only more ridiculous that we were the ones who eventually came up with it, while Comcast just jerked me around for hours, offering absolutely nothing useful.

3. Mysterious water has been pooling in our garage. I've emailed a building contractor recommended by our painters, but he hasn't gotten back to me yet. The situation isn't urgent, as the water isn't gushing out or flooding our stuff, but it's still worrisome. Contractor man, where are you?

4. There are problems with the gutters on our house. I found out about it not long before I left for Tallahassee, and so it didn't get dealt with immediately, but I really should get the gutter people over here before the next big rain. Must must must.

5. My very favorite juice, which I drink every single week -- Ocean Spray Tropical Citrus Fruit and Veggie -- is apparently being discontinued. I adore this juice. I hate it when my favorite products disappear. Seriously, I get very upset.

6. I'm going to have to get rid of a pair of earrings I bought in Saint Augustine, because they are too heavy to wear comfortably. Sadly, it is considered inappropriate to try on earrings in the store, so I didn't know these would feel like lead weights. So I'm going to take them to Out of the Closet and donate them, which makes the money feel less wasted.

7. A shirt I bought from Amazon with Christmas money is way too long (due to the fact that hobbits are taller than I), and so I need to return it. Returning things I've bought online is a pain in the ass, and so I've been putting it off, and so it just keeps sitting there, looming over me. Must find packaging, must print out return info, must find appropriate address, etc. Sigh.

8. I'm out of shape. I need to go to the gym. And yet I've been having trouble leaving the house. Why is it that I always feel most terrible about my fitness level when I feel least able to do anything about it?

9. The laundry is overflowing. Sometimes it seems like I could say this every day of my life. I am the Sisyphus of laundry.

10. I still can't understand how to use my prepaid cell phone. I can do a few basic things, but I can't figure out many of the other functions I'd like to use, like how to lock the keypad. I feel like an idiot. At this point, I look at the booklet, just sitting there innocently on the table, and I feel like a complete moron without even picking it up.

11. iMovie has been kicking my ass. It has some stuff that works in very buggy ways, some stuff that I'm pretty sure people are complaining about on forums somewhere. I just curse and pull my hair out here on my own.

12. People keep emailing me. I need to email them back. Or maybe I could just hide under the desk. Or build a blanket fort. I could hide inside the blanket fort and read Calvin and Hobbes with earplugs in my ears.

13. Neil Gaiman's amazing dog, Cabal -- who I always loved and who was the main reason I even started reading Gaiman's blog regularly -- died a couple days ago, and Gaiman seems just emotionally destroyed by the fact that he wasn't there when it happened. It keeps making me cry.

14. I really need to wash my hair. Right now it sounds like a momentous challenge, worthy of a Nobel Prize or at least the key to the city.

But, in more positive news, I finished my second BTVS fanvid, so if you have any interest in the character Spike from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," check it out:

Seriously, give it a watch. Indulge me. Increase the number of views by 1. :)
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