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Red shoelaces? Denied!

Yesterday I biked a couple miles, and it was nice. I got pretty tired on the way home, because it's slightly uphill most of the way, but it was great to get a bit of exercise in a just normal, part of my every-day life kind of way. I haven't been coughing much the past two days, and my evenings haven't been too exhausted.

I've been shopping everywhere locally for red shoelaces to wear in my green high tops for the next few weeks, but there are none to be had, not even for ready money. I can get them online (mostly on eBay), but it just seems ridiculous to buy a pair of shoelaces online & then pay shipping that's two or three or four times the cost of the laces themselves. So I have a few more local places to try, and then (if I am still unsuccessful) I will just give up, with a plan to buy red shoelaces the next time I see them, so that I am prepared for next year. Le sigh.

It's weird, because I know I was somewhere within the last year (since I got these high tops last Christmas), after I'd spent weeks sort of casually keeping an eye out for blue/purple/turquoise/interesting shoelaces to go with them, and in this totally common place that I frequent but wouldn't expect to sell shoelaces, I saw a massive collection of them and told Shannon, "Aha! So this is where I should have gone to get different-colored shoelaces!" Sadly, I have no idea which local place this was. It wasn't a shoe or sock store. It was some random place. It's hard to remember random things.
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