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In which my ass is kicked, yet again, by The Never-Ending Bronchitis

Grr! I've been trying to be really good about resting and not overexerting myself while I'm recovering from the bronchitis, so yesterday I ended up resting (physically, anyway, though I did several hours of sedentary work on art projects) all day so that I could be in the best possible shape for biking to get groceries in the evening.

We biked to Oscar's (hamburgers, fries, etc.), then onward to Safeway, and it was wonderful to be doing something normal, especially something I love so much (grocery shopping). We biked home, half the time in absolutely pouring rain, and even that was great. I enjoyed the fresh air and the exercise and the feeling of freedom and the sense of my own physical power. The rain on my face made me laugh, and I was happier than I've felt in a while.

Unfortunately, I was feeling exhausted later in the evening, and then uncontrollable coughing woke me about an hour after we went to bed. My body was just jerking over and over with these terrible coughs before I was even fully conscious. I eventually just got up, figuring at least Shannon could get some sleep, and I went downstairs, and I took Nyquil for the first time in weeks (I just wanted something, anything, to stop the coughing!), and I drank hot water with honey, and I cursed the scientific universe that created the very concept of bronchitis, and the concept of viruses, and the concept of sleep, and the concept of lungs, and maybe even the concept of breathing.

Eventually, I fell asleep on the couch, and when I woke up I went back to bed, where I slept the rest of the night. This morning, I'm exhausted, and so I got a hold of Lisa and asked to trim back our usual Saturday plans. We're just going to get lunch downtown (at La Note). Afterward, I'll swing by Staples (an errand I wanted to run before Monday), which is pretty much across the street from La Note, and then head back home to sleep and rest as needed.

I told Shannon that yeah, I'm fairly certain that my coughapalooza last night was due to the evening's bicycling, but I'm willing to sometimes overdo a bit, as long as I don't keep overdoing it. I feel like there's an invisible line somewhere that separates "too much" from "too little," and I'm trying to walk that line, but -- since I don't actually know where the line is -- it'll involve some wobbling. I think most of the time, I'm probably erring on the side of doing "too little," but the only way I can stay close to that line and continue to recover my strength (and my life) is by occasionally unintentionally dipping a toe into "too much."

So today I'll rest. Tomorrow we'll go to see a play at Berkeley Playhouse (only a few blocks from our house), and otherwise I'll rest. But at least I got to bike to the grocery store!
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