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Bronchitis, Exhaustion, and Thanksgiving

I kept my usual therapy appointment today, and it was lovely to go out and do something normal, something that is a part of my non-bronchitis schedule. I felt like me again, and not like a walking bag of illness.

It's a lovely, sunny day outside (thought the ground is still quite wet from our recent enthusiastic rains), and the world was chock full of these random unfamiliar people in clothes I've never seen before, rushing off to places I don't know about, and it was amazing! Exciting! Normal! I took the bus (also full of busy people) and then talked extensively with the quirky bicyclist woman I often chat with in the therapy office waiting room (probably talking her ear off in my excitement to be doing something other than watching streaming movies and coughing and wandering the rooms of an all-too-familiar house).

A nice talk with the therapist, then the bus home, and then, once back in our living room, I found myself utterly exhausted. Just fall-down-unconscious drained. It makes me a bit concerned about tomorrow (Thanksgiving with the in-laws), because when we made the plans I had only been thinking about the fact that I don't feel all that sick anymore; I hadn't been thinking about the fact that I might still tire very easily, even when all I've done is walk a few blocks, ride a bus, and sit in a therapy office for 50 minutes. Today I was only out for less than 2 hours, and I felt like I'd run a marathon ... how will I feel after the extensive traveling required to get to San Martin (almost 80 miles south, requiring about a mile of walking, about an hour on BART, and about 45 miles in a car on the way down) and several hours of socializing with a very friendly and populous extended family, followed by the long car trip back to Berkeley (about an hour and a half)?

I guess I could ask my mother-in-law for a quiet place to nap part-way through the proceedings, but that's a little embarrassing. Still, it's a potential solution to the potential problem. Is it worth it for pie and turkey? Will I totally wear myself out and get sick again? I don't want to confine myself to the house indefinitely, but I don't want to knock myself out, either. Use caution or take a chance? I tend to lean toward the chance taking, but that isn't always the best thing for my health. But ... pie! Argh. Decisions!
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