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Veteran's Day on tv

It's interesting. Most of the tv shows I watch had Veteran's Day episodes this week, something I've never noticed happening before. I mean, these weren't officially announced as Veteran's Day episodes, but each show featured a plot that significantly involved a veteran somehow, always in a sympathetic and respectful way.

The shows that immediately leap to mind from this week are "Criminal Minds," "Grimm," and "NCIS," but I'm sure I saw others. Most focused to some extent on PTSD, though the vets in question came from a variety of wars. All focused on the servicemen (and they were all men, as far as I remember) needing some sort of help from the show's regular protagonists.

Did anyone else notice this Veteran's Day trend on other shows? I really like it, actually, as the tv industry seems to be taking an opportunity to honor those who have served, but to do so in a relatively unobtrusive way. To me, this lack of proud trumpeting ("Look at our special episode!") implies that the servicepeople are due this respect all the time, rather than only on one particular day. If they made a big deal about the episode being something particularly for Veteran's Day, I think it would weaken the message.

In other news: my bronchitis seems to be subsiding again -- less coughing (except when I talk, when I sound terrible), lungs feeling normal, no fever -- but I'm still physically exhausted, sleeping a lot throughout the day, and not really energetic enough for social interaction. As I told Shannon today, with purposeful irony, "I'm working very hard at taking it easy." The only way I can start running around doing all kinds of fun stuff again (like housework) is if I lay around and do nothing for a while until I'm well.

Come to think of it, it's just like my injured knee. I kept resting it for short periods of time, then deciding it was "good enough" and using it normally again, which kept reinjuring it. I wouldn't ever be able to use it normally again until I spent weeks just not using it much at all.

That process sucks. I'm better at cutting back than I am just stopping altogether, but I guess sometimes it's necessary.
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