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I've had a great day of self-indulgence today so far, and it's done wonders for my state of mind.

I took a shower and washed my hair, singing along with a playlist of favorite songs -- "Don't don't don't let's start, I've got a weak heart ... girlfriend in a coma I know I know it's serious ... with a poster of Rasputin and a beard down to his knees" -- leaving the door to the bathroom open, as well as the window, so that there was great air circulation and a cat who was content to watch me bathe but free to wander in and out of the room as desired, and no one to be bothered by the noise because Shannon isn't home.

Then I sat and watched Big Eden for perhaps the tenth time while painting my toenails with seven different colors of blue, purple, and green nail polish:


My feet make me happy every time I look down. I'm a bit sad that I will have to wear socks this evening when we go out to get groceries, because I don't like to wear flip flops when I ride my bike, but I will do my best to wear flip flops every day I can until the polish starts to chip.

Tonight: groceries with Shannon, during which we get to check out the new Safeway in North Berkeley and use a ton of coupons they sent us in the mail. I grew up with constant coupon use, so coupons sort of make me happy in a weird way. Plus, some of the coupons are for totally FREE stuff, and free stuff makes me even happier.

So ... yeah. A good day. I needed one.
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