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The last of the bathroom construction disasters happened today. At least, I'm assuming this was the last of the disasters, since this was the last day of work, and things are now presumably finished. I must admit, though, that in my more pessimistic moments i have visions of us using the shower for the first time and finding that something leaks dramatically or all the tiles fall off the wall.

Today's disaster was that the medicine cabinet I got at Home Depot a few days ago, which Lisa and I treated very gently and carefully when bringing it home, had a sizable chip in one corner of the mirror. So Ting said he was willing to give me a ride to Home Depot to exchange the darn thing, since it would have meant considerable trouble for me to arrange to get there on my own again, plus Ting seemed doubtful that Shannon and I would be able to mount the medicine cabinet on the wall ourselves. (This lack of faith is due, I'm sure, to the fact that we keep asking him to do minor tasks that most people probably do for themselves, like putting up shelves on the cement-block garage wall. We've given him little reason to imagine that we are handy with a tool box.)

Anyway, Ting had been planning to finish up work at our place by 11ish so that he could go work at another location during the later part of the day, so he was like, "I can take you to Home Depot if we go RIGHT NOW!" I was like, "But but but ... I don't even have shoes on!" So I went racing around, frantically grabbing the bare essentials, just like when he suddenly offered to take me to the hardware stores shopping for tub/shower doors not so long ago. I love a bit of high-speed stress in the morning to set the tone for the day. NOT!

But I exchanged the medicine cabinet, and the new one seems to be whole and perfect, and Ting's guys mounted it on the wall. I never noticed them being giants, but they put the medicine cabinet significantly higher than our old one, such that I have trouble reaching the highest shelf inside. I feel like a 5-year-old trying to reach the shelf with the cough drops that taste like candy. (Man! I used to love Luden's "wild cherry" cough drops when I was a kid! I can't imagine that they have any medicinal value whatsoever when they taste like pure sugar.)

So ... the good news ... let's make that great news ... is that the construction in the downstairs bathroom is FINISHED. My god. I was beginning to feel like it would never happen, that I had entered some Twilight Zone episode involving eternal construction disasters. I hope a long long time passes before anything in my life makes me gasp, widen my eyes, clutch my head, moan in despair, and wonder how in the world I'm going to deal with such-and-such. I've had enough of that for a good long while.

The bathroom is not exactly done, though, because we have painters coming in about a week and a half. Things are already so nice-looking, though, even without the exciting new paint, that I keep going into the bathroom to admire all our lovely new stuff. I never got around to taking a photo today before the sun went down, but I'll try to remember to get out the digital camera tomorrow and maybe post a photo or two. Terribly exciting, I know. Have I caused you unbearable anticipation with my hint at the possibility of future photos of our bathroom?

I was a wreck today, just totally falling apart, triggered no doubt by starting the day with a shocking new trauma. Tomorrow I plan to take it easy. Do some art. Read on the deck. Maybe go in and look at the beautiful new bathroom occasionally. Imagine what it will look like with the new paint. Imagine myself taking a bath in my new tub with my new tub caddy (not yet arrived from Amazon). Eat some wonderful leftover salad from Barney's. Chill.

Munchkin has been suddenly seeming much much more herself this last day or two. She's been hanging out in the sun room, sleeping on Shannon's office chair, sitting on his hard drive (also known as The Cat Butt Heater), following him downstairs when she's expecting food, etc. I've hardly seen her on the bathroom rug at all today, and not at all last night! On the other hand, she has developed incredibly bad breath, which we only saw with Cobweb very near the end. So I'm puzzled, but enjoying seeing her a bit more lively again.


Oct. 7th, 2012 12:06 am (UTC)

I so happy for you that the construction zone stuff is nearly over and you can settle back to enjoy it all. Is that lovely house in your icon your house? It's beautiful! I'm glad Munchkin seems happier and more herself. I keep my fingers crossed for her.
Oct. 7th, 2012 12:24 am (UTC)
Hurray for the end of construction! And yes, the icon is a pic of our house. It was built in 1906, when many San Francisco residents decided to build in this comparatively unpopulated area after the big earthquake/fire.

Munchkin continues to seem better today, though she isn't eating much. That's extremely common with kidney disease, as one of the symptoms is nausea.

I've been reading lots of old, familiar Spander fic lately, but I haven't visited The Spander Files in quite some time. Any new h/c fics I should particularly have a look at?
Oct. 7th, 2012 08:32 am (UTC)
Unfortunately we haven't had very much hurt/comfort lately

Mouse by Whichclothes is very very hurty/comforty

But you could try
Some Things Never Change by Litgal for some Spander/Firefly crossover goodness

Sparrow2000 was intending to write a non-slash gen but the Spander just started to creep in, first as friendship and then as more in her story Magpie and its sequel Mockingbird

And Stillrose has been updating her marlevous Sneer verse

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