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I'm melting! I'm melting! It's about 200 degrees today, and it sucks. Or, rather, lack of air conditioning sucks. On the other hand, since I don't generally wear shorts that show off my unshaven legs, today I had the opportunity to wear one of my long sundresses, which is a pleasant perk.

In addition to the heat, I've had a very frustrating day, mostly because of AT&T.

Over the last 2 1/2 days, I've spent more than 4 hours on the phone with AT&T, trying to cancel our phone service. It wasn't all at once, but I'd call them, wait on hold for 30 or 45 minutes, and then have to hang up to go do something, because I can't always just spend my whole day sitting with the phone pressed to my ear. One time, my phone even died, because I'd been on hold too long.

So this afternoon I was determined, and I ended up sitting on hold for an hour and 45 minutes, listening the whole time to AT&T's cruel "Name That Tune" muzak. I couldn't figure out what most of the songs were, as they were so mangled by the muzakifying process, but I could recognize them enough to know that they were mostly 1970s and 1980s pop tunes. The only one I definitively identified was "Mister Bojangles." These people made me sit on hold for an hour and 45 minutes listening to muzak "Mister Bojangles." I think this is considered a legally punishable offense in some parts of the world.

In another phone call, I also talked to our vet, who said that -- from my description of her toilet rug obsession -- it sounds like Munchkin is feeling pretty bad most of the time. Shannon and I both felt pretty unhappy at the prospect of Munchkin actually feeling ill, uncomfortable, and/or unhappy. I think both of us had been kind of seeing it as a weirdness that she probably doesn't understand, just a compulsion to do something strange, but we didn't think of it as an indication of how she was actually feeling, since the mind of a cat is impenetrable. I'm sure our vet didn't intend this, but I think she actually made us feel worse. On the other hand, she's prescribing a different appetite stimulant, since Munchkin isn't eating much without one, and the other one was making Munchkin tremble and shake so badly that we didn't want to continue it. So we should be able to try the new pill tonight and see if it helps.

I also got an email from Wayfair, the company that sold us our sliding glass tub/shower door that arrived shattered, with the package covered in warnings that any damage in shipping was our responsibility. After we sent the doors off to the landfill, deciding that it wasn't worth fighting with the company, I wrote a negative review of the seller on Amazon. Apparently, Wayfair was distressed by this (and, to be fair, we've bought pretty big furniture items from them in the past, and I was always happy with them before now), and urged me to phone their Customer Service department, where their rep seemed very unhappy to hear of our experience, worried because they have a 30-day refund policy and we're past that point, and said she's going to work to see if there's any way they can give us a refund anyway. She said she'd get back to me within the next 2 days. So ... possible good news. It would be great if it turned out that Wayfair urged me to phone them only because they wanted to give us $345.

I also hand-washed my "hippie dresses" (two flowing sundresses in a sort of Indian style, with swirling embroidery and such), and I think I ruined the one I like the best. It now has blotches in funny places, and I think it's because I tried to wash both dresses at the same time and the solid-color one ran & stained the other. I haven't hand-washed clothing in years, since I fairly determinedly refuse to buy anything that requires it. But I liked these dresses, so I bought them anyway. Apparently, my hand-washing laundry-fu sucks.

On the positive side of things, though, I had a pleasant lunch with Jay at Saturn Cafe, where they have changed their menu, eliminating both Jay's favorite dish and my favorite dish in one fell swoop. Still, the replacement food was good, and we had pleasant conversation, including an extensive, interesting, sociological discussion about why men don't like to ask for directions and women do. Then he came to the house to give his expert assessment of how to fix our recent wifi problems.

And now Shannon and I are going out to dinner, because things have been hard lately. I think I'll order food that is cold.
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