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In the morning, Katherine and I had takeaway dim sum in Oakland Chinatown. We went to a takeaway dim sum place that is new to me, and it was incredibly chaotic. Some old Chinese man took my bag of food (which I had not yet paid for) off the counter and walked away with it, gesturing dismissively to me when I tried to tell him that he had the wrong bag. It was only after he'd walked several feet away that he looked down at his purchases and seemed confused. He brought the mysterious bag back to the counter, trying to get the attention of one of the saleswomen, and I tried to explain to him (again) that the bag was mine. It all got worked out in the end, and the old guy seemed much amused by the whole affair. He kept showing me that his bag was actually full of meaty bones (which a lot of people in this store seemed to be buying), and I think he was trying to indicate how surprised he'd been when he looked down to see a tidy bag of dim sum tidbits instead. He kept smiling and laughing and gesturing.

It was beautiful weather and Katherine and I ate on a bench in the courtyard of the Pacific Renaissance Plaza (home of an incredibly cool candy store full of bulk bins containing all kinds of wacky Chinese stuff, like candy made from olives). Sadly, we both had places to be, and so went our separate ways after only an hour or two. Life is too busy. Gone are the days when we lived in the same apartment and saw each other every day. (But the inside jokes remain.)

I came home and dealt with the contractor and his guys, and they did a buttload of work. (I do believe that "buttload" is the official industry term.) Ting says they'll finish on Monday, and I'm starting to believe him, because things are looking pretty good. (Though Shannon is concerned that the sliding tub door might not work with the slightly shaped edge of the new tub. Ting hasn't said anything about this, but then he seems to keep forgetting that the tub door even exists. I keep having to remind him.)

Ting asked me about painting the bathroom when they're done, and I told him no with vague references to not wanting to do it right now. I mean, it's technically true, because we plan to have someone else do it when they're done with the construction work, but I didn't come right out and tell him, "Your crew isn't good at the finishing-up kind of detail work, so we're going to hire someone else to paint after you leave." I'm just hoping that the sloppy grout, especially around the mosaic tiles, ends up looking okay. In the future, I will only hire Ting and his crew to do the "broad stroke" work, like building a deck. I'll find someone else to do the pretty detail stuff.

BUT ... it does look like things are almost finished, which is a big relief.

In the evening, after Ting and his guys departed, Shannon and I headed off on the Adventurous Emeryville Evening we had planned. First, it involved trying to find an invisible restaurant I'd seen recommended on Yelp (Wally's Cafe). Apparently, this restaurant has some kind of hidden entrance, and we couldn't find it, so we moved on. As a result, we ended up at the nearby IHOP, which actually was an amazingly wonderful replacement, given how anxious and vulnerable I've been feeling lately. Someplace redolent with childhood nostalgia was perfect. Also, I'm always a fan of breakfast, no matter the time or occasion. So it was terrific, and I left feeling more cheerful and relaxed than I'd been for days.

Then we went to Home Depot and shopped for medicine cabinets. That might not sound exciting, but I loved it. I love shopping for things that will become integral parts of my life, having all these different options and possibilities and choosing a path that pleases me most. So, yeah, I totally loved shopping for medicine cabinets. Of course, we couldn't bring one home, as that would be quite a feat on our bikes, but we now have more info to allow us to shop online for one of the models we liked.

Then, groceries at Target, which is pretty much right there in the same shopping area as Home Depot. I always love grocery shopping.

The bike ride home made me feel like I was going to die, as is usually the case. Also, my knee was hurting a lot. I'm tired of my knee hurting. It's okay when I go a couple days without using it much, but when I give it much of a work-out, it hurts again. Well, at least my thumb and wrist are pretty much pain-free now. Woo hoo!

In the evening, after our adventure, we hung out at home and watched some reality tv while spending time with the cats. Munchkin keeps doing this weird thing where she sort of crouches in weird places, instead of curling up comfortably like she used to do. So while we were watching tv, she sort of crouched on top of my shins, which couldn't have been terribly comfortable. She always (like her whole life) used to lie on my cushy chest, as close to my face as possible (she would often actually climb over Cobweb and then lie on top of her in order to accomplish this), and now she often stays further away from my face and never really relaxes at all. I wonder if lying down is uncomfortable for her now, or if she has trouble with the act of lying down and/or getting up, or what. She's been doing this crouching thing more and more over the last couple months, but it's become pretty much constant now. I keep wanting to make her more comfortable, but I don't know what's wrong or if there's anything I can do.

So ... in short ... a mostly good day, but with some not entirely unexpected cat worry.

Tomorrow: hanging with Lisa as usual. I'm tempted to cancel, because I'm really just wanting to lie on the couch and do nothing after a week of stress, but I've been bailing on Lisa a lot lately, and friendship is worth effort, so I'm going to make the effort to get off my butt and go there. If I don't enjoy myself, I'll let her know that I want to go home and chill, but I think once I'm there it will be good.
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