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I've decided that the only shopping experience more frustrating than looking for a bathing suit is looking for a wall calendar. Sheeesh! How many kittens and puppies and lighthouses does the world really need??

If it was a calendar of lighthouses as seen by They Might Be Giants, then then I might want to buy it.

After far too much searching, I finally found a calendar of Miroslav Sasek's quirky San Francisco travel illustrations, which I loved immediately. Sasek apparently did a lot of children's travel guides to various cities back in the 50's and 60's. I saw some of his London illustrations, and they're great, too. I'll have so see if our local library has any of his books!

In other news, the Totoro keychain I bought in Sausalito only a couple weeks ago has been having problems, which has been a little annoying, but it's also been amusing me on a sort of meta level. See, the Totoro is attached to the chain by a tiny screw that screws -- rather disturbingly -- into the top of his head. Well, Totoro keeps falling off his chain, over and over again. ("Falling off his chain" sounds like a euphemism, doesn't it?) He literally has a screw loose, so it made me kind of snicker to myself whenever it happened. Finally, I -- again, a bit disturbingly -- poured Super Glue into the hole in Totoro's head and screwed the screw back in there, and I expect the problem will be fixed. It seemed kind of like a solution out of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, though.

Yes, I'm squeamish about the trepanation of fictional characters and plastic toys.

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