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How I see myself today

I wrote something in writing group today that I really liked, not as writing, but as a reflection of how I see myself these days. We were writing quickly, steadily, under a 15-minute time constraint, and so what came out was not very well thought out and almost entirely uncensored.

The prompt was: "You walk through a door ..." and this is what I wrote:

You walk through a door. "Adore" (I was thinking of the sound in my head) is a verb as well as a noun + article. My own personal part of speech is the adverb, which I often overuse profusely, extravagantly, elaborately in my own writing.

An old friend used to call me "Adverb" as a nickname, because my name ends in "ly." So he would say, when he saw me, "My! You're looking very kimber this evening!" Instead of doing things carefully or kindly, I would do things kimberly.

What would it mean to do things kimberly, to do things in a kimber fashion?

I think it would mean doing things enthusiastically and optimistically, but also with a significant dollop of self-consciousness. It would also mean being prepared for all eventualities, but being flexible enough to change plans at the last minute on a whim.

I think behaving kimberly would involve a lot of walking and talking. A lot of talking.

It would mean listening to other people and caring about them, even if it's just an old lady on the bus or a guy selling his paintings on the street in downtown Berkeley.

It would mean traveling, whether it's a BART ride to Lafayette or a ferry ride to Sausalito or a 12-hour plane ride to London. It would mean looking at the map of an unfamiliar public transit system & rubbing your hands together in anticipation. It would mean catching the bus in the wrong direction, but seeing it as an adventure.

To do things kimberly would mean trying weird foods & thinking about flavors & textures. It would mean taking pretty much any opportunity to eat crème brûlée.

And here I ran out of time.

I found this pretty interesting when reading it aloud in the group (We usually read our pieces aloud after we finish writing.), because it's such a positive picture of me. It's really cool that my off-the-top-of-my-head, uncensored image of myself is so strong, kind, and adventurous.
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