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For lunch I had a hummus sandwich on Trader Joe's "Tuscan Pane" bread, which is dense and kind of hard. Not a big hit with me. Maybe it will be better toasted. It's hard to toast bread from these country-style, non-rectangular bread loaves, though. Not all the slices are the same size, and most of them are too big to fit in the toaster, and so you have to cut them in half, and it's all just very untidy. This is why there are loaf pans, people! For the ease of sandwich-making! Heh. I'll use this "Tuscan Pane" bread as a lesson in letting go, of not clinging to my ideas of how things "should" be, of trying to avoid attachment. Perhaps Trader Joe's bread will make me a better Buddhist. *snerk*

Then Shannon and I biked to our favorite dog park at Point Isabel, where we enjoyed watching all the happy dogs, and petted the few who were excited enough by our presence to run up and beg to be petted. One dog jumped all over Shannon while we were sitting on a bench, and Shannon's jeans were just covered in mud as a result. We both thought it was pretty funny. We discussed the fact that tiny dogs at the dog park are strangely less shrill and annoying than tiny dogs elsewhere. In fact, tiny dogs at the dog park are adorable. I'm not sure what causes this difference.

After we'd watched the dogs for a while, we read a bit of Neil Gaiman's American Gods, the book we're currently reading aloud. I was a little distracted occasionally by the cute dogs and by a couple of gigantic dragonflies that swooped about a foot from my head, but the story is interesting enough to overcome that.

When we were ready to move on, we biked to the nearby Target store, where we did a bunch of shopping. We got a couple new towel racks (which we will install only after our partial bathroom remodel is completed, which should be in 2 or 3 weeks), a new backpack for me (which is a somewhat lengthy tale, with which I shall not bore you), and some bicycling-appropriate jeans for Shannon. We also discovered an utter lack of earring organizers and lightweight men's short sleeve shirts. It was fun shopping together at Target, and Shannon was remarkably patient with my exhaustive backpack hunt, as I sat on the floor of the store and checked out probably 10 different backpacks, unzipping pockets and investigating compartments and testing my water bottle in bottle pouches and checking for useful loops and nooks and crannies. I'm very picky.

After Target, we biked to Out of the Closet, a thrift store that is on our way home. Our primary reason for going was to shop for some lightweight, short-sleeved, button-up shirts for Shannon, as he failed to find any appropriate ones at Ross last week or at Target today. But he found 3 great ones at Out of the Closet today, so that rocked! And while we were there, I found a rainbow mesh scarf ($1.50) and a multicolored beaded bracelet ($2.50), both of which make me very happy.

We biked the rest of the way home, laden with our various purchases, and had dinner, then relaxed for a while before venturing out to Cream (down on Telegraph) for some of their incredibly cheap ice cream sandwiches. The line was insane (we waited for at least half an hour, probably 40 minutes), and I told Shannon I'd be willing to turn around and go home (since he is less patient with long lines than I am), but he was willing to stand around for a while, so we hung around and got very tasty sandwiches. (Mine was double chocolate chip cookies with coffee ice cream. Excellent.)

Shannon and I have been pretty much dating lately, like maybe the last couple months, going out on fun outings and enjoying each other's company. It's been really great.

Next weekend is our 12th wedding anniversary, so we planned a whole weekend of togetherness (though of course we'll have downtime scattered throughout to keep us sane and non-grouchy): on Saturday we're going to the Oakland Museum to check out their 1968 exhibit, and on Sunday we're taking the ferry to Sausalito.

Then, the following weekend, we're going to go on a docent-led bicycling tour of Oakland, which sounds really cool.

So much fun stuff! Well, and towel bars.
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