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Great Day

I'm having an amazing day today. Even the things that weren't exciting and cheerful made me feel good because I was getting stuff done. So far, my day has gone like this:

1. I printed out files for editing Shannon's book (because he's revising it before taking it to a new publisher). First thing this morning, I realized that my difficulty with getting started on the editing was the fact that I needed to do the work on my iMac & so couldn't sit somewhere comfortable while I thought and wrote and etc. Immediately after realizing this, I went and printed out the files, so that I can read them and work on them somewhere comfortable, then do only the actual inputing of changes on the computer. I'm feeling very impressed with myself for figuring out what my problem was & coming up with a way to solve it.

2. I roasted veggies for the first time ever, and as a result had delicious roasted green beans for breakfast.

3. I scrubbed the bathroom sink (including the disgusting stopper slime that tends to build up slowly as months go by).

4. I scrubbed a few disgusting spots (previously unnoticed) which had clearly been created by substances ejected through a cat's mouth. Two of these gross bits were actually on top of a bookcase. Bleh.

5. I realized that we have a serious silverfish problem in the kitchen, and so I began research about how to get rid of silverfish. I need to read more, but at least I got started and put "Silverfish" on my to-do list for immediate attention.

6. I did some research for stuff Shannon and I can do on our anniversary weekend. It turns out that the Perseids will be happening that weekend, and so I searched and searched and searched to find some way we could have a romantic Perseids outing, but couldn't make it work. Not having a car sucks only occasionally, but this is one of those times. Still, Perseids! How can I be sad when the Perseids are coming?

6. I made some (for me) extremely impressive plays in Words with Friends. Unfortunately, many of my opponents from when I first started playing will no longer play with me. My old friend Ollie, luckily, is always up for a game, for which I'm very grateful. I could start playing with strangers, of course, but I fear I'm likely to spank them significantly harder than I spank my friends, since my friends tend to be have much more extensive vocabularies and problem-solving skills than the average. I seem to be getting better at Words with Friends as months go by and I play it every day.

7. I wore some gorgeous earrings for the first time. I bought them months ago, but couldn't wear them until the piercing in my left earlobe had healed completely. The earrings are like little vaguely teardrop-shaped, gold-colored metal cages each containing a teal-colored ball of recycled glass. When my hair is down, the glass just looks dark or is almost invisible, so I put the front of my hair up today, making the pretty color more visible in glimpses. Me wearing any part of my hair up is very unusual.

8. I went to the post office to return a ring that doesn't fit well, so that it can be resized. I love this hand-made silver ring (in a sort of simplified Celtic knotwork) to pieces & was afraid that it would slip off my finger, so I'm excited that it's in the mail & on its way to the maker, because that means it will be back on my finger sometime soon. Of course, I spent half an hour waiting in line at the post office, but I didn't mind, because I just played games on my iPod Touch.

9. I had a lengthy conversation with an artist selling his brightly colored paintings on Shattuck Avenue. I'd passed him a couple times recently, but this time I stopped to ask him about his art, to see the pieces that were stacked up and so not visible to casual passersby, etc. His name is Cornell, and we also talked about hate crimes and what constitutes a good friend and etc. I'm thinking I might go back on Tuesday (he said he would probably be there) and buy one of his paintings for my office.

10. I had an amazingly wonderful lunch in which I ordered exactly what I wanted, regardless of price (because I have a bit of extra money right now), and ended up with a steak salad on wilted kale w/roasted almonds, shaved fennel, shaved manchego cheese, coriander, roasted baby carrots, and some funky flat beans (not quite fava beans, but similar), plus a huge glass of the best fresh-squeezed orange juice I've had in years. It was one of the best lunches I've ever had & totally worth the money (which was about twice what I would normally want to spend for lunch).

11. I noticed that there is a little blue rectangular symbol on one side of the USB cable that attaches to my iPod Touch ... and that's the side that's supposed to be face up! Wow! So now I won't get it wrong the first time every time. Seriously. It must be something about how the cord curls, but it always makes me try the wrong way first. Problem solved!

For the rest of the day and evening, I plan to watch a bit of "Kyle XY" (to get my Daily Recommended Allowance of sitting on my ass and vegging), do some editing on Shannon's book, wash my hair, and have a Girls' Night Out with Katherine (age concealed to protect the innocent), Mimi (age 5.5), and Sally (their dog, age unknown).

Great day.
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