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I've been busily working on a couple different art projects lately, and so I seem to be always peeling glue off my fingertips. The full-length mirror project -- I've been decoupaging the frame, with many mistakes and hiccups along the way -- is nearly finished, after weeks of sporadic work. I think I should put on one more layer of Mod Podge to protect it, particularly as it will be hung in a room where showers will be taken, which will result in moisture, and so I want the decoupage paper to be protected. Mod Podge isn't waterproof, but it's fairly water resistant, so as long as we don't actually take the mirror into the shower with us, it should be fine, but I want to make sure there's enough Mod Podge from the get-go.

I've also been decoupaging the front of the drawers in this little 12"x12" 6-drawer chest that sits on my desk. Some drawer fronts are decoupaged with designs that relate to what I store inside, but others -- ones that I keep random stuff in, or ones that are used for different stuff at different times -- are just covered with pretty hand-made papers. I've got 5 of the drawers done, but I left the paper for the 6th at CWC on Monday, and they're closed tomorrow, so I won't be able to finish the project for another few days. It's kinda annoying to get a project 5/6 done & then have to wait, but patience is a valuable skill to practice.

I tried to take a picture of the mostly-finished set of drawers, so that I could show you what it looks like, but I couldn't get our digital camera to work. Hrmph. I will have to investigate this difficulty when I'm more awake than I am at the moment.

I'm also planning another project which is a troubleshooting effort. It drives me crazy that the remote control for my computer is always sitting on my desk. So untidy! So I'm going to make a little container for it that will attach to the front of my computer, below the screen, so that the remote will always be readily accessible, but will also be out of the way. I was sure someone must sell something like this, but apparently not. I'm sure what I make will be prettier than anything I'd buy, anyway.

I also discovered somehow or other that now gives authors the ability to attach a pic to each of their stories, and so I wasted about a million years this evening, just searching for the right images, editing them to make them appropriate for the size at which they'd be shown, editing them more extensively where necessary (to combine different images, use filters, etc.), uploading everything, attaching them to the appropriate fics, etc. I love organizational stuff like that. It can totally obsess me for long periods of time. But now all my fics have appropriate pics attached, and I am pleased.

My volunteer visits to play Scrabble with Barbara haven't been very successful lately. When I went to visit her two weeks ago, I was told that she'd been sent to the hospital and so wasn't in the facility. Last week was the 4th of July & they had other stuff going on, so I didn't see her. And then yesterday when I went, her schedule for the day had been thrown off for some reason & she sent me away without wanting to Scrabble or chat.

Well, at least I've been getting some good bike rides in on Wednesday afternoons, even if I don't accomplish anything while I'm out.

Speaking of exercise, I spent some time today perusing the schedule of classes at the downtown Berkeley Y, since I'm planning to rejoin soon, and they have quite a bit of stuff that interests me. I'm particularly curious about this "Zumba" thing. I know my mother-in-law does it and seems to like it, and I like the classes' attitude of total acceptance and encouragement for "people of all shapes, sizes and ages" (quote from their website), an emphasis on having fun ("accessible fitness, without the strain, without the sacrifice"), and frequent references to improved fitness, with no references (that I've seen) to losing weight. I like the attitude, and I'm looking forward to giving the classes a try in practice.
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