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My beloved loaner iPhone has now been returned to its rightful owner, since its lingering service contract (the reason it was loaned to me) is finally expiring this month, allowing the owner (Shannon's boss) to finally cancel it and sell the phone.

So I am suddenly phoneless, which is surprisingly disconcerting, given the fact that I spent more than 40 years with no cell phone. A year (or so) of having an iPhone seems to have had a pretty big effect on my life habits. It's mostly that I'm totally used to playing games that I can't play on my desktop computer, though, and I'm borrowing an old iPod Touch from Shannon that allows me to do that. I'd only recently started even using the iPhone as an actual means of calling peopel, but I'd discovered that it was quite handy. Running late on the way home? Call while walking! Forgot the exact address of where you're going? Call them to ask! Can't get in through the locked gate? Call the people inside the building to ask them to let you in! So I'd discovered that it was pretty convenient, but I'll adjust. And I can still play my games & use my various handy apps.

I'm planning to buy an iPod Touch at some point, but Shannon has suggested that they may be releasing a new "generation" model sometime soon -- perhaps in the autumn, though no one who knows is actually talking -- and that I therefore might want to wait a bit. After all, if I were to buy a new Touch, it wouldn't be that much better (I imagine) than the old Touch Shannon is loaning to me, so I may as well wait a while.

I miss my little phone.

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