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Video Editing software

Now that I'm mostly out of fandom, I'm not sure if I have friends with knowledge of such things, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

I'm looking for a way to make video clips (from DVDs, especially) and manipulate them. I've been putting various video clips and fan vids onto my iPhone -- mostly old Spike/Buffy stuff, oddly enough, as I've been recently returning to my original fandom roots for some reason -- because I've discovered that little video clips on the phone are actually a fun way to pass time, especially when I'm stuck on a bus (or other place where I can't read without getting motion sick).

So I'm wondering if any of you know anything about the iSkysoft iMedia Converter. I've been using it via their free trial these past couple days, and it's totally fun and easy, but I'm hesitant to spend $50 on something mostly just because it's fun. My budget is a bit tight for impulsive purchases.

Thus far, I've only used the iMedia Converter to create short clips in various formats and haven't actually combined clips from various files to form something truly new (like people do when they make fan vids), but I've been loathe to put that much work into something that's going to be useless afterward due to the GIGANTIC watermark taking up 1/3 of the frame, which is what this program does when you're using the free trial.

Hence my quest to find whether anyone I know has any personal experience with the program or has heard anything from real live people.

(I've tried MPEG Streamclip -- tried it first, of course, because it's free -- but it gave me error messages every time I tried to load a DVD file into the program, so I could never get it to work at all.)

So ... any advice for me, folks?
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