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Today I had an appointment to tutor Marisha at the library ... and she once again did not show up. This is ridiculous! When she was 15 minutes late this afternoon, I texted her to ask what was up, and she replied that she was running late. I asked her, "How long?" and she replied, "10 minutes." Half an hour later, I gave up and texted her that I was leaving. She didn't reply.

So I've had 4 appointments to meet with Marisha, and she has shown up for 1 of them. The first no-show wasn't her fault (as far as I know), because it was (as far as I know) the responsibility of an idiot Berkeley READS staff member, but the other 2 have been completely Marisha's fault, and she hasn't taken any responsibility or offered any explanations or apologies.

I'm thinking it's time to cut this girl loose, let Berkeley READS find her a different tutor who maybe really enjoys sitting around the library in fruitless, blind anticipation. I'm not sure if I should email Marisha to let her know that this kind of behavior isn't acceptable, or just vanish silently into the void and let the literacy program deal -- or not deal -- with instructing young women on the appropriate treatment of people who are volunteering to help them.

Seriously, Marisha! You don't even phone or text to let someone know that you're late, when you know they're waiting? You don't even offer an apology when you stand someone up for the second frickin' time in a row? Did she grow up in a zoo? She's 21 years old; she has a mainstream job; and she's a student at community college, so showing up places at specified times -- and behaving responsibly when you can't -- can't be an unfamiliar concept.

Man. My recent experiences in trying to volunteer have pretty much sucked.


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May. 4th, 2012 11:25 am (UTC)
I would cut her lose via the Berkeley READS system if it were me. Because they should be aware of her flakiness. Seriously, telling someone you'll be there in ten minutes and then STILL not showing up? That's ridiculous.
May. 4th, 2012 06:10 pm (UTC)
What's the READ program's policy on flaky tutor-ees? They should be the ones to talk to her. She needs to learn that she can't behave this way and expect things to go well for her. I'd be really frustrated too. That said, I wonder what else is going on in her life and her mind... she may already feel overwhelmed by school and work and tutoring sessions are one more thing to remember to show up for... not excusing her in the least, but I know I've felt that way when I've had regularly scheduled appointments that I know are good for me, but somehow feel like yet more stuff I need to take care of.

In the meantime, I hope you find a new person to tutor who isn't flaky - and also in the meantime, have a backup plan - a book you're reading or something you can work on so you feel less like you're sitting and fuming.
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