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I've started using a fitness website to keep track of my exercise, just so I feel more of a sense of accomplishment, so I can look back on a week or whatever and see that I really have been working on this goal.

But all the fitness sites, when you go to record a bicycling trip, rate the degree of difficulty based on miles per hour. Dude! When I'm biking straight up a hill, I may not be going very fast, but I'm certain I'm getting a work-out! So I never know how to mark the difficulty/effort of my ride.

Shannon and I got groceries tonight at the Safeway on Solano (which sucks: no bike racks, poor organization, and disappointing selection), and on the ride home I felt like I was going to die. It was much worse than biking home from Target and/or the bay, with much more steep uphill. I've walked that same basic route a few times, and it never really bothered me, but on a bike my stamina isn't nearly as good.

Well, that's why I'm getting out there and trying to get into better shape: so I can do bike rides -- even bike rides with hills -- without panting and wheezing and feeling like I'm going to fall down in a sweaty stupor. Not there yet, though.
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