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Elegy for Cobweb

I know most people won't be interested, but I wanted to post some of my favorite photos of Cobweb, with a bit of description, so that I can look back on this journal entry and remember her. There are several cute pictures, so I'll cut them to save your loading time.

Cobweb in a small box

Baby kitties! Baby kitties! This photo was taken within a few days of my bringing Cobweb and Munchkin home to live with me in 1995. They're so tiny! Even though they were the same age, you'll notice that Cobweb was markedly larger than Munchkin, due to Munchkin being a runt and not being very successful at competing for food, but within a few weeks of a healthy diet, they were the same size. Also notice that Cobweb's ears were as big as her whole head.
Cobweb as a tiny kitten Cobweb as a tiny kitten She was only a few months old in this photo, and it wasn't long after I first brought her and Munchkin to live with me. She was a very mischievous kitten, and somehow escaped from her collar within hours every time I put it on her. It wasn't long before I gave up, so it's kinda weird to see her wearing a collar in this photo. She's so cute, though!
Cobweb and a Sun workstation Cobweb and a Sun workstation When I first got Cobweb and Munchkin (in 1995), they were so little that I didn't want to leave them alone all day when I went to work. Luckily, I worked for a small, independent company whose owners thought kittens in the workplace were a-okay. So I brought them to work every day for a week or two, until they had settled in at my apartment and wouldn't be too lonely. Cobweb loved to chase the cursor on my computer screen, which is what she's doing here.
Baby Cobweb on the bathroom towel bar Baby Cobweb on the bathroom towel bar Cobweb is only maybe 6 or 7 months old in this photo, and she loved to climb up on the towel bar in my bathroom and observe me while I showered, brushed my teeth, etc.
Cobweb on the ratty old chair Cobweb on the ratty old chair This was a position (and a chair) she slept in frequently. Shannon and I often joked that she liked to sleep in this particular chair because she was camouflaged to blend in with its colors and pattern.
Upside-down head Upside-down head This photo is of Cobweb on Shannon's desk, lying on top of some of his work papers and turning her head upside down in one of her most common gestures when she was content. It usually seemed aimed at a person, as if she was saying, "See? Aren't I cute? Maybe you should pay attention to me."
Handsome cat! Handsome cat! Cobweb loved to look at herself in mirrors, so we tried to always keep one low enough that she'd be able to use it. Neither of our other cats show any interest in this pastime.
Cobweb when she was fat! Cobweb when she was fat! Cobweb has been skinny for so long now that it's hard to remember that she was 14 lbs. for several years. This is during that time, when she was fat and happy. Also, you get to see Shannon with a full beard and very long hair: not at all what he looks like now!
Cobweb's obsession with bookshelves Cobweb's obsession with bookshelves Just in the last 2 or 3 years, Cobweb developed this strange habit of pulling all the books out of the bottom shelves on bookcases, and then curling up in the resulting empty space. It was pretty annoying, since books got kind of banged up when she did this repeatedly, and we kept having to re-alphabetize them and such. But I still find this picture pretty funny, because she's surrounded by extensive evidence of the havoc she had wreaked while we weren't looking.
Cobweb in Shannon's backpack Cobweb in Shannon's backpack Cobweb loved to climb inside of stuff. In this case, Shannon had left his backpack unzipped, and returned to find it comfortably occupied.
Cobweb inside a bag of paper recycling Cobweb inside a bag of paper recycling Again, Cobweb loved to climb inside of things: in this case a bag of paper recycling, in which she made room for herself by pushing out random bits of junk paper all over Shannon's office floor.
Cobweb inside my dresser drawer Cobweb inside my dresser drawer Again, Cobweb climbing inside of things: in this case, my dresser. I had been putting clothes away and walked out of the room for a couple minutes. I came back to find a rather odd-looking item of clothing sticking out of the drawer.
Cobweb inside a pillow case Cobweb inside a pillow case This time, I didn't notice her immediately, but upon closer inspection, the one visible paw was a giveaway. She had apparently climbed inside my pillow case, underneath the pillow, and gone to sleep.
Cobweb hanging out on top of a backpack Cobweb hanging out on top of a backpack Cobweb loved loved loved to lay on top of backpacks. Shannon and I both carry them almost every day, and so both our backpacks generally sit on the bench in our entryway (which is where this photo was taken). She especially loved to lie on both of them at once, if possible.
This degree of relaxation is just not natural This degree of relaxation is just not natural Cobweb had quite a bit of dignity before she met Shannon. Shannon, however, treats cats much more casually than I ever did, and after knowing him for a couple years, she became comfortable with all manner of ridiculous treatment. In this case, Shannon had thrown her over his shoulder and walked around the house. He did this often, and she never complained or tried to get down, at least until a few minutes had elapsed.
Cobweb in the bed Cobweb in the bed Not much of her is visible -- just part of her face and a single paw -- but Cobweb was buried underneath our comforter and had sort of wrapped it around herself. She didn't do this often, but it did happen several times over the course of a few years.
Cobweb with catnip Cobweb with catnip This was one of Cobweb's most common reactions to catnip: extending her front paws and grabbing at the towel on which the catnip lay. Her other common reaction was to eat the catnip, which generally led to some lip smacking, funny faces, and head shaking.
Cobweb in the papasan chair ... with friends Cobweb in the papasan chair ... with friends I had a few stuffed animals when we first moved into this house, just stuff that I'd had since I was a kid and hadn't yet gotten rid of. They often sat in the papasan chair in my office, and Cobweb loved to sleep on top of them or beside them. In this case, Shannon had decided it was so cute that he must go fetch a small stuffed Bullwinkle and put it in her arms.
Cobweb watching Cat TV Cobweb watching Cat TV This photo was taken about 2 1/2 years ago, very soon after she first became very sick, when we were sure she was going to die within days. Shannon spent one entire evening playing bird videos for her on his computer, and she was clearly fascinated.
Cobweb fleeing the scene of the crime Cobweb fleeing the scene of the crime Shannon and I both keep mugs of water near us most of the time, and we both often put them on bookshelves near our desks. Kidney disease causes cats to become very thirsty, and as she became ill, Cobweb began climbing up to furtively sneak sips out of our mugs. At first, we tried to stop her from doing this and put our mugs out of reach, but when we learned how sick she was (about 2 1/2 years ago), we just started leaving full mugs of water in various places where she could reach them, in various rooms of the house. All three of our cats seem to like this a lot.

Lastly, my icon is a photo of her once she had gotten old and skinny. Still cute, though.
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