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Cobweb's last days

We have an appointment to take Cobweb in tomorrow morning, when our normal vet will be there. Today is consisting largely of watching her struggle physically and trying to figure out what small things might make her more comfortable or give her a bit of pleasure. She doesn't seem to be in pain -- or we would have taken her in today -- but she can't walk more than a few steps at a time, then she lies down to rest for 15 or 20 minutes before getting up again.

We've been going through all the pictures we have on our computers, reminiscing about how she used to climb into recycling bags and send the paper tumbling all over the floor, or how she would sometimes sleep in the middle of the bed, under the blankets, and one time even climbed inside my pillow case and fell asleep with one paw sticking out, or how she would gaze at herself in the mirror for long periods while we said, "Handsome cat!"

Shannon even found and posted (on Facebook) some video he shot of her this last Christmas, when she was intrigued by one of the toys we bought and played with it for several minutes, even though she's something like 90 years old (if she were human). An old lady, playing with her Christmas toys -- pretty cute.

We've been crying a lot today, and I know tomorrow will be worse, but it's just the price you pay for loving, for even caring at all. If you don't care, you might never hurt, but that's not the way I would want to live my life. Still, there are tears.
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