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I'm just a girl

I've been doing a bit of clothes/jewelry shopping lately -- primarily for blouses, skirts, necklaces, and rings -- and I've noticed something that annoys me: someone out there thinks that women want to wear nothing but hearts and flowers.

I've been sporadically shopping for a long skirt over the last couple weeks, and pretty much anything that isn't a solid color is covered in flowers. Seriously? There are no other interesting prints in the world? Leaves? Geometric patterns? Asymmetrical swirls? Fish? Starbursts? Anything but flowers? I like flowers -- don't get me wrong -- but I like real flowers; I don't want to cover myself in 2-dimensional ones and pretend that I'm a really really real girl. I've been looking for something a little less insipid, but I've found nothing I'm willing to wrap around my body for even the amount of time I would spend in the dressing room.

Maybe this is why I wore nothing but jeans and t-shirts for nearly 20 years: if I don't want to dress like a pretty pretty princess, what are the other options for women?


I have managed to find quite a few blouses and shirts I like that involve no hearts or flowers (or at least, no frilly girly insipid ones), but skirts and jewelry seem nearly impossible unless I want to look ready to flounce through a springtime meadow.

Clearly, I'm shopping at the wrong stores. Or our culture sucks. Or maybe both.
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