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Our house is made of cake

Our house is now pretty much made of cake. Yesterday, on Shannon's birthday, we stopped by Berkeley Bowl on our way home from Shannon's San Francisco Birthday Adventure, because there was a need for birthday cake. Shannon and I don't, in general, prefer the same flavors of cakes, so he chose a mint/chocolate cake and I (since my birthday is in 3 days) chose an "island coconut" cake. So we each had an entire cake to polish off this week.

Then this evening we got together with the Wiedlin side of Shannon's family (his mom, step-dad, two brothers, and sister-in-law), and they brought an additional cake. A gigantic additional cake. Six slices were removed and eaten, and the cake was still not even half gone. They left the cake with us, of course, as it was a birthday cake, and it is our birthdays.

So I cut up my coconut cake into slices and froze the whole thing (minus the single slice I had yesterday). It will make me very happy sometime, weeks from now, when I pull it out of the freezer, one slice at a time. We have much chocolate cake (with cherries in the center, and with a dense whipped cream "frosting") to consume before that happens, though.

In other news, we had a fairly relaxed Sunday today, aside from biking to the grocery store in the morning and dinner with the family. Good thing, too, because I woke up feeling decidedly sluggish and hermit-like. I kinda felt like shuffling around the house all day in my sweatpants and slippers, not moping or anything, but getting things done without facing the rest of the world. It was an "I wish everyone would leave me alone and I could just do my own thing" kind of morning.

Actually, I did get a bit done. Shannon and I both spent some time moving bookcases around and getting stuff organized: he in the closet in the dining room, and me in the closet in my office. There was quite a bit of rearranging piles and such. A lot of Pandora music was played. Also, I took time out in the middle of the process to Photoshop some attractive labels (complete with relevant images) for my plastic containers of "Small Art Supplies" and "Empty File Folders." So now my office supplies and art supplies are much more organized than they were this time yesterday. I like organization. I like things that are organized, I like the process of organizing them, and I like contemplating how to organize them. I am a giant nerd. But, after some work with closets, bookcases, and various small items that require storage, I am a happy nerd.

Oh, also, the other thing we did today was watch the last two episodes of "The Walking Dead." What a great show! Not the kind of thing to cheer you up and make you want to do a happy little dance, but still a great show. Things can be great without being happy. (Though Pee Wee Herman, too, is great, and he is happy.)

In other other news, we've been dealing with a very minor health issue lately, resulting from a biopsy my dermatologist did on a mole on my back about a week and a half ago. My dermatologist instructed me (not only this time, but every time, and there have been far too many times that she has done biopsies) to clean the wound, treat it with Neosporin, and cover it with a Band-Aid ... and to do this twice a day. Twice a day? That's a lot of Band-Aids! We've been running into the same problem that we have on previous occasions, which is that Band-Aids just aren't made to be removed after only 12 hours, then new ones applied to the same location, which are then removed after 12 hours ... and for this process to be repeated for 2 entire weeks. The glue on Band-Aids (and some generics actually have stronger glue than the name brand, surprisingly enough) is extremely strong after only 12 hours. I mean, not strong enough to hold up a car or anything, but strong enough to rip a decent amount of skin off an innocent woman's back. So my back is getting pretty torn up. It's ridiculous. When I was at the drug store, I actually asked the pharmacist if she could recommend which adhesive bandages had the weakest glue, but she just looked at me like she'd never imagined being asked that question, and she had no advice for me. Luckily, we get to stop flaying my back on Tuesday, so I'm looking forward to my imminent release from (admittedly very minor, but still annoying) pain.

(The biopsy, by the way, showed that the mole in question was "dysplastic" -- there was abnormal cell growth -- but benign.)

Oh, and the in-laws gave us some money for our birthdays, so I got on Amazon tonight and bought some stuff (including an incredible-looking waterproof cover for my backpack, so I can go for long walks when it's raining and carry library books or whatever and not worry about stuff getting ruined), and also bought a funky necklace from Etsy. Buying stuff is fun. I'm a good little capitalist (even if I do tend to make many of the presents I give).

Almost bedtime. I plan to sleep late tomorrow before getting up to dive into the "To Do" list I've neglected over the weekend. Once more unto the breach, dear friends!
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