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Cats still dominate my life.

Cobweb has taken to peeing and pooping all over the house. It's possible that the pee issue is being caused by a UTI, thyroid problem, or some other physical cause. We'll probably need to take her to the vet, though she went to the vet after this whole scatalogical thing started, and they didn't find any problem with the tests they ran. Perhaps they need to run more tests. Different tests. Wonderful.

In the meantime, Shannon has purchased a "urine flashlight" (which I think sounds like a rather odd euphemism), which he plans to use by turning out all the lights in the house tonight and walking everywhere, waggling his "urine flashlight," to illumine where our floor (and not, I hope, any other surfaces) has been defiled, so that we can clean with optimal efficiency.

The poop is easier to identify. Shannon speculates that the pooping problem is due to constipation, which can be caused by some of her medications. The vet might be able to help with that.

But it's kinda weird that she's now distributing her plentiful waste products all over the house ... and it probably isn't all due to one specific cause. I'm not fond of symptoms that appear all at once, but don't have a common cause. It's counterintuitive and frustrating.

I've now had 2 days with almost no wrist or thumb pain. Huzzah! Even when washing my hair, which was nigh unto excruciating for several months, I didn't experience more than an occasional twinge. It still hurts the most when I'm in bed, trying to fall asleep or trying to wake up, probably because my movements are less careful during those times, but I'm just excited that it's so much better! It was July 2011 that I carried the damn chairs that started this whole problem, so it's about time!

In other news, I've become obsessed with an online "to do" app called Toodledo, which also has a version available for the iPhone. I've been playing with it on and off for the past 2 days. It's fun! I've always been an avid list writer, and this allows me to indulge that particular quirk. I haven't tried it out on my iPhone yet, but I'm looking forward to it. Lists! Cool!

I wish there was some way to graph your LJ entries based on what "mood" you indicated, just because I'm curious. I think I've been using the "tired" label extensively for months now.

I've been feeling rotten about my weight lately, but then I was watching this week's episode of "Criminal Minds," and one of my favorite characters was getting a fair amount of attention, all about how her boyfriend wanted to get married but she didn't, and I realized, "Hey, wait a minute. She's fat. She's really cool, and brilliant, and strong, and beautiful, and admirable, and someone many viewers would want to be like ... and she's fat. Her weight is never mentioned, never an issue ... she's just a cool person who happens to be fat. How often does that happen on mainstream tv?" And so I felt a bit better by the time the episode finished, like being fat doesn't necessarily mean that I suck. Like even Hollywood is starting to accept that you can totally rock and be fat at the same time. And that rocks.

I still want to work on my weight, purely for health reasons, but I'm no longer beating myself up about the whole thing.

Hey, Hollywood ... see what kind of impact you can have? See how you can encourage people to feel good about themselves, instead of bad?
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