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Crossing the street in downtown Berkeley today, I passed a guy with a severely twisted leg. He was limping heavily, and his left boot had about 8" of platform beneath the sole to make both legs the same length. It was impressively massive. My immediate thought was that this guy should be a superhero, with a battle cry that includes intoning something about "my Giant Shoe of Justice." And then I thought, "My brain is weird."

In other news, The Cobweb and Munchkin Saga continues. I'm having a hard time inserting the needle to give Munchkin her subcutaneous fluids, because she's so skinny that her skin is paper thin and it's difficult to keep the needle in the narrow space before hitting the muscle. Tonight I had to stab her three times before I got it right. Poor baby. (And I'm talking about her there, not me, even though I, too, found it traumatic.)

Shannon said it was 77 degrees in Berkeley today. Um ... this is February, right? Crazy.
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