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It's alive!

Cobweb was moving around a bit more animatedly tonight, and then came to lie on me (which she hasn't done in days), and then sniffed with some interest at some catnip (which she hasn't done in a week or so), and then ate a tiny bit of boiled chicken (the first food I've seen her eat -- and not just lick -- in about 6 days). I was almost crying while I watched her eat, I was so happy. Afterward, Shannon says that she meowed to him when he spoke to her, which she hasn't done in days, though it's her usual, normal behavior.

So I've cancelled her vet appt for tomorrow, as the emergency vet yesterday had said to bring her in only if she didn't improve. The amount she ate tonight isn't enough to keep her alive long-term, but it is an improvement. An improvement, however small, is plenty to keep me going right now.
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